Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sept. 5th, 2016 update

This week, Elder Reed sent the following in his email, which was titled "last time writing family from peru":


Elder Reed"

The time is really winding down quickly!

Elder Reed said that this week for him was super stressful. He said that there were a lot of negative things that happened in the week, but, as always, he's still here, and he learned something from those trials. 

Elder Reed shared that something really cool happened there - they have been contacting people who speak English! He found someone who had lived in Cleveland Ohio! He was SO excited to find someone who knows where Ohio is and has actually lived there - he was so excited that he gave him a hug! :) They talked for a little bit about Ohio, and football and baseball. He really enjoyed that.

For their preparation day, they moved some furniture around and then they ate and were able to watch The Testaments movie (a Church film) and then they were able to rest. That doesn't usually happen, but they were grateful. 

Elder Reed shared that they were also able to find quite a lot of people who, as the missionaries explained who they were and their message, that they were very positive about baptism. One man, in particular, after speaking with them at length, said that if he knew from God it was right, he would be baptized. God answers prayers!

The missionaries took some time and helped other missionaries in another district and had quite an experience - they had lots of doors slammed in their faces and very disagreeable encounters. It was difficult, but they made it through that experience.

Another super strange thing happened, that happened this week is that Elder Reed had a phone number show up on his cell phone that they use and it was from Ohio - definitely unexpected! He didn't answer it but it was definitely strange!

Until the next blog post, Elder Reed wants you all to know how much he appreciates the love and support! He couldn't have made this journey without you!

[The final post to this blog will be done by Elder Reed himself when he returns to the States... stay tuned!]