Sunday, September 4, 2016

July 18, 2016 update

Week 95 for Elder Reed - He said he is feeling "old" now as a missionary. :)

There were no pictures this week, but Elder Reed shared that this week was another time of testing for him and his companion. He said that literally all their lessons fell thru this week - which is rare.  It was tough for Elder Reed and he hopes it doesn't happen that way again. 

The contacted a lot this week, hours and hours and hours of walking and talking with people. He said that everything has a purpose, even the times when you aren't sure what the purpose is. Elder Reed said that he and his companion worked more on helping people in a way that would help them smile. 

Elder Reed shared that he realized this week how much he loves teaching the plan of salvation. He said that it's the best! They were teaching a less-active family who were trying to re-activate themselves, and there was also a non-member there, and when teaching about the plan of salvation, Elder Reed felt the Spirit so strongly! He loved it!

Elder Reed also talked about a lesson they had in priesthood meeting in Church the previous day (Sunday). The lesson was about paying a debt for someone else, a debt that was owed. They were also talking about the temple. He remembered that there was a time (when he was younger) that our family had gone to a restaurant to eat - Mom and 5 kids. When it came time to pay the bill, we had found out that someone else had noticed the kids and how good they were, and was impressed with our little family, and they had paid for all our meals. That greatly impressed Elder Reed. There was one thing that the waiter said that Elder Reed has always remembered. He said, "The only thing the person [who paid the bill] asked is that you do something nice for someone else and he will be repaid." 

Elder Reed determined that was what he was going to do this week. Do something nice for someone else. You never know who would need that. Something that you may not understand, but that they need, because that is how Christ served - by loving and serving others in small and simple ways. Elder Reed gave a challenge to each of us to do the same thing. Do something nice for someone else. It doesn't have to be big, or even involve money. It may involve some time - even just the time it takes to give someone a smile. However, that can make a huge difference in someone's life, and can help them feel the Savior's love.

Remember, every effort for good counts in this world!