Saturday, September 10, 2016

August 23, 2016 update

This week, there were no photos from Elder Reed, but he shared in his weekly report that he really really loves playing futbol [soccer] now - he LOVES it. :)  

Elder Reed said that this week was quite a lesson on enduring to the end. He said that there was a situation that happened with an investigator. He said that in the Preach My Gospel book (one of the books the missionaries use to study and teach others), there is a part that talks about how you know you will have success if you are doing everything that you need to do, by feeling the Spirit, obeying the commandments, and go about the work, you will have assurance from the Lord that you are having success, even in spite of others and their actions. It may be difficult when others choose things that don't bring the Spirit, but the Lord knows your efforts, and their hearts, and He loves each of us very much. That never changes!

Elder Reed shared that, this week, they went on divisions and talked with people, seeing how ready they were for baptism, and Elder Reed was able to feel the Spirit - he is grateful for those moments of clarity. He said that there's no place like home - meaning, he was away from his regular area for 2 days, and he was very grateful when he went home to the place he's been used to. :)

Elder Reed shared that there were 2 drunk people that talked to them, and it was definitely an interesting experience for him. He pleads with us all not to drink and drive, and to do what it takes to be safe. There is safety in obeying the Lord's Word of Wisdom

Elder Reed wanted to finish by sharing his testimony: "Hard work pays off. If you keep your head level, and you keep going forward with all of your might, that 1) you won't notice the passing of time, and others are growing up too, 2) you will be so happy in the work of the Lord! I know that my Savior lives and Christ is the head of this Church, and we are His brothers and sisters! We are children of God, and as such, we can't afford not to let others know about that, to live it!"

Elder Reed asks you to talk to those around you, to work thru any issues you have with others, and to bring more love into the world -

Until next week, remember that love can make a huge difference and continues out in great waves, if we let it!