Sunday, September 4, 2016

July 11, 2016 update

[Elder Reed's mission is nearly complete and I'm catching up on the blog - I'm grateful for his service to the Lord and I know that the Lord is well pleased as Elder Reed has come to love the people of Peru]

Elder Reed shared this picture from the morning of his birthday in Peru. He said that they worked really hard on his birthday, and it was like many other birthdays he had already experienced. :) He said that he met lots of different people that day and he was able to remember that he was there in Peru to serve the Lord and he is so grateful for this experience!

He also said there were some other birthdays, like the U.S. birthday (Independence Day) and his younger brother's birthday. Elder Reed gave a shout-out to all those having a birthday.

Elder Reed said that he and his companion were hoping to find more investigators and they also hoped that those they were teaching would choose to follow through on commitments and come to church, because that is how progress happens!

Elder Reed shared how grateful he is for the power of the priesthood and that it is active and on the earth today. He said that they also had people help with giving the missionaries rides to various appointments and that he was grateful for all the help. Elder Reed said that he is grateful for the members of the Gospel who are strong and supportive. 

During the week, Elder Reed shared that they met a couple people who were totally against any church other than their own (which was not the Latter-day Saint church). Of this experience, Elder Reed said that "it doesn't matter if they spit on us, if they tell us that we are absolutely wrong, that the Book of Mormon can't be true, that we have no idea what we're saying, or if they just make fun of us for who we are or for the way we speak, or whatever. God's watching us. He knows. We'll have our reward later. Maybe not in this life. Maybe we'll never see the fruits of our labors here in mortality. But later on, we will. That the only thing that our Father has ever asked us to do is obey His commandments. And when we obey His commandments, He gives us blessings, for which we are indebted. And then, when we give thanks and we keep obeying to show that we are grateful, He gives us more blessings! And we are eternally indebted to Him - and that's how I feel - eternally indebted! It doesn't matter what happens. As long as we are focused, miracles will happen!" [Elder Reed also thanked his Aunt Bonnie for that reminder :) ]

Elder Reed also said that they went up to a hill during the week and offered a prayer to dedicate the area they were working in, and it was a very powerful experience - Elder Reed shared how the Spirit of the Lord is very powerful when there is little sound around. 

Remember that Heavenly Father loves you and would love to hear from you - in any way you feel you can - talk to Him.