Sunday, September 4, 2016

July 25, 2016 update

[Elder Reed shared that this is Week 96 - time is flying by! The update this week was short, but it was good to hear from him.]

Here is a picture of a cool mountain he can see from his room -

Elder Reed wanted to let everyone know how much he loves you. He greatly appreciates the love and support from everyone.

Elder Reed received a call the previous night [that he made this recording] that there would be an additional companion there with them for a time. It's a Peruvian Elder that was serving in El Salvador, but had to come home for a little bit to have some medical stuff taken care of and then would be returning to his mission. Elder Reed was eager to help out and to meet someone new.

Elder Reed said that the message he wants to share with everyone this week is to "keep going". In spite of everything that happens, just keep going. Sometimes things get tough, but keep going! He shared again that he loves you all and hopes that you have an enjoyable week!