Sunday, September 4, 2016

Aug 1, 2016 update

There were no pictures this week, but Elder Reed shared that this week was super crazy. The additional missionary was there for the week and he really fit in with the missionaries there. They enjoyed having him there. :)

This week, Elder Reed and his companion found many people to teach, which is wonderful news! However, they are closing the area that they are currently in (Huertos II) - that was pretty stressful. The Huertos area will now just be one large area and have just 2 missionaries instead of 4. Elder Reed also found out that he will be getting transferred.

Elder Reed will now be serving in the stake Central (Central Stake) in the mission, in the El Agustino area - his last area of his mission. He will be with a missionary who has just finished his 12-week training and Elder Reed will still be District leader. He is excited and nervous. :)

Elder Reed shared that whatever challenge you are going through, it's worth the anguish [if that is the right word - he couldn't tell for sure]. It's worth it. Whatever challenge you are going through, remember that God loves you. He wants you to be safe, and to love your neighbor. God knows what you are going through. 

Elder Reed said that everything that you will ever have to do that has to do with righteousness, all of the tests and trials you have to go through, it's worth it. It doesn't matter if you are weak or strong, black or white, from Asia or Peru, God blesses us for righteous actions. He smiles even bigger when we repent of our sins. 

Elder Reed also shared that it doesn't matter who we talk to, as long as we are trying to tell them how the Gospel can change their lives, we will be blessed for our actions. Always remember "I am a missionary" and always remember "I don't have to wear a missionary name tag" - there are innumerable blessings from serving the Lord!

Remember to see the blessings in your life - they are there!