Monday, December 29, 2014

Dec. 29th, 2014 update - Last update for this year! :)

This week, Elder Reed sent a LOT of pictures! :) So, I will add his update, then you can enjoy the photos! He is doing well, for which his Momma is especially grateful. :) (I know everyone else is as well!)  He got to speak to many family members on Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it - technology can be such a wonderful tool!

From Elder Reed: "This week I took a picture of me and Elder Maxwell to prove that I have seen him! I also sent another picture-letter. Another blog that would be kinda cool is that of another member of my zone: Elder Brent Jones! I love that Elder! He is the best! I also would like to say that to all those that I couldn´t speak to, how much I love you and how much you mean to me! Don´t stop being in the Gospel! I would also like to recommend the movie Bah Hum Duck... a looney tunes christmas movie I saw a preview for when The whole mission watched the original Grinch with the President and his family for Christmas!

Elder Reed..."

Also from Elder Reed: "One thing I have noticed is that after no shave november truely is no shape december. I noticed a little bit of a bigger stomach...and a slightly smaller neck!"

Elder Reed & Elder Maxwell

Lima Peru Temple

Elder Reed visiting the Temple

Wonderful missionaries!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dec. 22nd, 2014 - two weeks worth of updates

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas from the Reed family! I apologize for not posting last week's update until today - this has been a tremendously hectic time lately! I will add it today!

From the previous week, Elder Reed shared these thoughts: "My incredible load of mail came... no package, but I recieved 20 letters from the ones I LOVE!!!

This week marks the end of my first cambio/transfer cycle! I also have some questions to answer: to grandma- I dont know just how the water is pumped to all these people... i guess it is from the ocean, and yes, it smelled aweful here my first few days here, but I cant smell any of it anymore!

Aunt bonnie- All of my teachers and companions were great!!! I truely loved each and every one of them!

Mom- I cant remember if you had any questions...  [which I did, but that's ok! Lol!]

I would like to let you all know though that the Lord truely does answer your prayers and that He really does know what you want! (I wanted a pizza and chocolate here in the field and we had a buffett of pizza for my District Leader because he leaves tomorrow and my comp had chocolate sent to him from his parents to share!)

Know that the Lord LOVES you and hears and answers EVERY prayer! Most of all: LOVE those around you! they might not say it, but there is always somebody who needs your help!

Elder Reed

P.S. You can now officially continue to send mail the normal way if you wish! It will come eventually! (I recieved mail sent before my mission 86 days into my mission!!!!!)"

Yay for mail!! :)

From this week: "This, like all the other weeks went by really fast!

I met Elder Maxwell [an Elder serving in his mission - we have followed his blog as well] at a meeting for those in training and for their trainers... Elder Maxwell is a trainer (capacitador) and guess what. He is exactly the same height as I am! So those pictures of him towering over those Peruvians (Peruanas) is just about the right size for me to! 

I attached a letter I wrote this morning and a pic of the letter I recieved this week. THANKS Grandma! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE hearing about the mundane, normal stuff you guys do while I am here!

I have some info that you all would like to hear. There is a pretty safe way to send packages, but it is kinda expensive.   .   .   . You need to search the name "Venessa" followed by "Inca Envios" in google. It is a service provided to missionaries and their families that is more trustworthy than SERPost... which I dont have in my area... it is 2 ward boundary areas away! 

Elder Reed

This pics are of my pensionistos in their home, my apartment, which is the biggest in the mission (i believe), and one of me! Plus a letter I wrote this morning... which i hope you can all read! [There's] Elder Puma, me, Hmo. P. and Hma. P. (my pensionista!) SHE AND HER HUSBAND ARE INCREDIBLY FUNNY!...once I could understand more or less what was going on!"  :)

Enjoy and Happy Holidays! Feel free to write Elder Reed through, or at the address listed at the right. All missionaries are supported by our small efforts! :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec. 8th, 2014 post - Ups and Downs of Missionary life

Here is Elder Reed's update for this week:

"This is my weekly report!

This week was possibly the fastest in human history! I cant even begin to express how quickly it passed!

This week though, we had to ax one menos activo, had the ONE INVESTIGATOR with a baptismal date back down (possibly until the new year... which by the way doesnt seem right because everything own here is so warm and sunny!), and we were informed that one of the members... and a personal friend of my companionship... decided to hand in a letter for his resignation from the church!!! Man, what a sad week! 

I will just say this for all... my mission president is the absolute best I could have asked for!!!

I would like to thank Aunt Bonnie, Tamara, and Grandma for their letters I recieved this week (from Nov. 15) and today I was told that a (metric) [HUGE] load ;) of letters has arrived for me this next ReuniĆ³n de Distrito (tomorrow!). 

FHE is very important! I advise all my siblings to help Mom with making this a regular thing! 

Elder Reed... with a whole lotta love!!!"

He is VERY excited to get all the mail! :) Elder Reed shared a joke from his Pensionista as well: "after no shave november comes no shape december!" ;)  

He is excited about his service to the Lord! As a side note, he is entering Summer in Peru, so this will be quite a change from last year's winter-time weather! :)  He sent a few photos also (they are in Spanish - try your luck at translating!) --

This is the Spanish version of the Book of Mormon Chronology. :)

I am so grateful for Elder Reed and his service, even when things don't always go as we want them to. Heavenly Father is in charge of this great work! He loves each and every one of us!

Until next time, enjoy and remember the blessings all around you!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec. 1st, 2014 update - short and sweet

Michael sent a few pictures and says Hello to everyone! He thanks you for your continued support and prayers and is so excited to be serving the Lord in Peru! :)

The pictures are of Inca Kola - a soft drink created in Peru in 1935 and very popular. :) Elder Reed was impressed with the 3LITER bottles! :)

That's my boy... Lol :)