Friday, March 11, 2016

Mar. 7th, 2016 update

A few pictures first this week:
Huachipa at night
Playing futbol [soccer] on preparation day
Elder Reed shared that they were able to play futbol again this week against another Zone. He said he got to be goalie for over an hour (and lost some points), but enjoyed the game. He also said that they had the opportunity to see how others there help the missionaries, and he realized that, while he was back home, he remembered giving similar help (rides, meals, etc) to the missionaries. So, it had come full circle for him now that he was one of those being helped by others, and he is very grateful for the service of the members of the Church in Peru. 

Elder Reed said that he went on divisions with other missionaries and he was able to work with an Elder he'd worked with before. They walked a lot and talked with many people, and it was a good experience. 

Elder Reed also said that his companion, Elder Del Aguila, went to a referral appointment and they were able to set up a follow-up appointment. They also were able to get other references of those who may be willing to hear the Gospel message. 

Elder Reed's spiritual thought for this week was about fasting. He shared how much of a help that is to him, and how he didn't know why he hadn't done it more regularly before his mission. He also shared that we should all be more patient, to think more before speaking. He said that will help us avoid causing a mess with our friends and relatives, and it makes the world better. 

He shared his love with you all, and hopes you all have a great day!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Feb. 29th, 2016 update...

Elder Reed's letter shared that he had an interesting week. They had a baptism in their area - the first in 3 months! :)  They were so happy about the blessings to this individual and their family. :) He shared that they also found another family and, when they finished teaching the last missionary lesson, the father said that he would accept any calling from the Lord, that he wanted to be faithful to the Lord and to the Church, and that he wanted to go to the temple with his family. What an exciting time!

Elder Reed said they did a lot of cleaning this week. He also said he's passed the 17 month mark of his mission and he said he is realizing how little time he has left on his mission - it is going by quickly!

This week, they also went to a large multi-zone conference. They had to wake very early and take the bus there. It was really packed on the way there, and they were a lot like sardines in a small can. During the meeting, they had time to ask some questions and Elder Reed enjoyed all that he learned. [He really loves his mission president. :)] After they returned home from the meeting, they still had other meetings with people, and so it was a long day, but a very good day.

Elder Reed said that he had a great Book of Mormon experience this week also - he finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish! He is going to now work on reading the Doctrine and Covenants in Spanish. 

Elder Reed said that the power went out in their area for several hours and that was an interesting experience [ha ha]. He also said he is really loving the people of Huachipa, and while it's really work to be there, he is loving the people and loving being able to share the Gospel with them. 

It goes along with his spiritual thought he wanted to share this week. In 2 Corinthians 9:6 - Elder Reed said that [paraphrased] is that if you sow abundantly, you reap abundantly; if you sow scarcely, you reap scarcely. If you work hard, you are going to get a lot more out of it than if you you just lazed around and put a half-hearted effort. Everything has to do with your attitude. If you want people to like you, then you have to show them that you care for them (genuinely care for them). Elder Reed shared that we are here to serve others, not ourselves. We are here in this life to serve our brothers and sisters. As long as we are trying our best, Heavenly Father will look at that and say "all is well, here are some blessings!" :) If you ever want to help someone out, show them that you are willing to do what they need, and then they will see that you really do care.

Until next week, remember the blessings you have, and share kindness with those in your circle of Life.

a picture in Elder Reed's area
another picture from Elder Reed's area
A very happy family! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Feb. 22nd, 2016 update

We will start with the pictures from this week - there are plenty! :)

The Zoo's logo - they were able to visit on their preparation day
"does this make you tired or what... and he doesn't preach the Gospel 😁"
"deer are here too..........." :)
"i thought that this thing was only in Ice Age 1!!!!!!! 😱"
"real live anteaters!"
"white tiger that posed for the camera"
"Weird catfish that ate from the human hand... people were feeding it..."
Elder Reed shared his audio file and said he was going to do as his sister (Megan) said, and "mix it up!" :)

The missionaries got to go to the zoo - his first time to visit a zoo there in Peru. He chuckled a lot that there were deer in the zoo, as he's so familiar with them at home. He got to see some animals he'd never seen before, which was cool. The week was very very hot there in his area though. (Welcome to summertime in Peru.) 

Elder Reed said he learned how the Spirit feels in a family that has the Spirit in their home and he was so grateful for that time with them. Elder Reed also said that they were able to teach the Word of Wisdom to two individuals, and it was a great lesson for everyone.

Elder Reed said he also got rid of another rat (and this was a doozy - see picture below). He was able to take care of it and then the cleaning was done very quickly. [Ewww.... ha ha]
"Rat number 6 and The infamous Elder Reed"
Elder Reed had a good week and wanted to let everyone know he loves you and hopes you are staying warm (as he is sweating down there - ha ha). 

Elder Reed said that, as they had lessons scheduled this week, they almost all fell through. Elder Reed shared that God does everything for a purpose. He said that they ended up finding a lot of people who were ready to hear the Gospel, but they wouldn't have found them if they hadn't been in the right place at the right time. They opened their mouths and spoke up - and there were those ready to listen. Life is short and you don't know what's going to happen. There's also an inherent fear of speaking with others, but what you have to share is of more worth than platinum, gold and silver put together! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for each and every one of us, and as such, we should be willing and ready to go and share it with our brothers and sisters who do not have it in their life. It is not easy to share at first, but it does get easier. We have a light which we can share with others - and we need to be willing to share that light. We want to help our fellow brothers and sisters. 

Also, each of us should work with goals. Goals take planning, and help us to move forward and accomplish many things in our lives.

Until next week, remember to let your loved ones know you love them...

Feb. 15th, 2016 update

[Note: Elder Reed tried to send this to us on the 15th, but it apparently never made it, so we got it on the 22nd, when he re-sent it. :) I'm glad it made it!]

Elder Reed has a new companion - Elder Del Aguila, who is from Iquitos, Peru - 
He also sent a voice recording. He said they changed how they do transfers (ie, when they have changes in companionships). They used to all meet in one place and switch, but now there are apparently 2 busses that travel from one end of the mission to the other, dropping off and picking up as needed. Elder Reed said it's a long wait compared to how it used to be. He also said that it's very hot down there right now (because it's the peak of summer). He said he will have a tough time when he returns to the cold of the States. :)

Elder Reed shared that the Zone leaders also changed and one of his friends finished his mission. He said also that they were working in a very dusty place, and they had to do a lot of walking through that dust. It was a long way, and they couldn't even really see the sun. He wrote in his journal "today, we ate and breathed dust." After they got home, it was tough to eat food because of the day they had. 

Elder Reed shared that his companion met someone who had known his father. The companion's father had died when he was very young, so he never really knew him. Yet, this week, they met someone who did know him, and they were able to share about his father. The companion was so very happy!! What a tender mercy of the Lord!

Elder Reed said that this week they had a lot of people open their doors and let them in to share the message of the Gospel - he was very excited for that. :)

Elder Reed shared that Heavenly Father has given us moral agency, the right to choose what we want to do. We don't get free agency, we don't get to choose the consequences of our choices. Yet, Heavenly Father did have a plan and gave us a choice. We can choose to follow him and do our best to obey the commandments (which will lead to eternal life), or we can choose not to do those things. 

Until next week, remember the many blessings that are there - because they are all around if you are willing to see...