Saturday, September 10, 2016

Aug. 15th, 2016 update

Elder Reed said in his letter that this past week was very busy, and that the next week will be busy too. He said that this week was stake conference [a regional meeting of several wards and branches of the Church] for the Central Stake (where he is located) and an area representative of the Church and it was very exciting for them. 

During the meeting, the mission president shared with the members about how the missionaries had shared with him (the mission president) how a 96 yr old man had been taught a lesson about the Gospel and, right as the lesson was done, this man knelt and asked God if the message was true! And God gave him an answer that it is true! God does answer prayers!

Elder Reed shared that another thing that happened this week that was really cool was that he went on divisions with an Elder in a different ward and they had a lot of success talking with people. They also appreciated the help that the ward members gave to them in their efforts to share the Gospel

Elder Reed shared that he wants everyone to know to keep working hard until the end. Just keep working hard. Something Elder Reed was told by his Aunt Bonnie is to keep working and stop saying how much time is left because, basically, once the time is gone, it's gone, so make the most of it! :) He appreciated that counsel, and from his Dad too. 

President Boswell told Elder Reed to just enjoy the last 6 or so weeks, it's where everything comes together. So to relax and enjoy the time serving.

Elder Reed said that this past week, they met a lot of resistance again too. He said that on Sundays especially, it seems that Satan works super hard to discourage, to distract, to keep the Spirit of the Lord away. Elder Reed said he doesn't really like living in a big city, as so much seems "anti-Spirit", but they made it through.

Elder Reed shared that he loves everyone and is grateful for the support and love. His spiritual message this week is short. Repent. Try to be better. Overcome pride and get on your knees and ask Father in Heaven for forgiveness and help to overcome. More blessings will come as you strive to repent and improve each day.

[No pictures this week, but hopefully next week! :)]