Friday, October 9, 2015

Oct. 5th, 2015 update

"What a normal "micro" looks like (medium sized bus I get to use all the time!)"

Elder Reed's letter this week spoke of seeing the sessions of the LDS Church's semi-annual General Conference. He also got a different companion, as his previous companion's mission had concluded and he went home. 

Elder Reed was impressed with all the talks focusing on women and their importance in our lives. He said, "I had a splash of reality when I realized once again just how important and valuable women are to our Heavenly Father. Without women, man would be nothing and we would only have 1 man in all the Earth: Adam. 

Women are the support system that keeps the world a turnin'. They gave up their lives to carry us around for 9-ish months and then to give their lives to us! (With this in mind, it makes sense why they get so angry when we lie to their faces... they gave us life!)

They are the teachers, masters, and examples to their children. They are by no means the lesser sex!

Now that you know a little more about them, give them a hug. Say thanks. Help them out! My message is short, but to all of the female gender, I say thank you for being a better example of everything for [all the men]! :)"

Sounds like wise counsel to me! :)  

Until next time, remember your blessings, see them, acknowledge them - and you will see even more of them!

Sept. 28th, 2015 update - over one year!

Time is flying by so quickly! Elder Reed has officially passed the 1 year mark of his 2 year mission - wow!! 

Elder Reed shared in his letter that he was greatly surprised with many things this week, and that two of them are journal-related. He said that, when he was baptized 12 years ago, he was presented with 2 journals, both from family, and he can now gladly report that he has completely filled out the two of them and has started another journal! He also couldn't remember how old his brother is this year.... :) But he shared his love to him and everyone having birthdays in September!

He was also excited to share that there was a member there who received their mission call and found out they had only a month until reporting - not a lot of time! But exciting!

Elder Reed said that he also has a great desire to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish during his personal study time, and that he is excited to learn so many new things. Scriptures are such a blessing from a loving Heavenly Father!

Elder Reed signed his letter: "Keep reading, forgiving, and loving your neighbor & family - Until next week, Elder Reed"

They are excited about the essentials of life. :)

Pizza to celebrate the one-year mark!

Sept. 21, 2015 update

For Elder Reed's update this week, I thought I'd just post all his pictures, including his letter. I can't seem to get the blog to write well in Spanish. :)  Enjoy!!
Elder Reed's letter :)

Elder Reed having his first milkshake in Peru!

A nice treat

Lima Peru Temple

The Elders and some members of the ward that they were able to attend the Temple with - awesome! :)
Elder Reed is doing well, and is blessing many lives! :)