Saturday, September 10, 2016

Aug. 8th, 2016 update

Elder Reed and his companion at weekly internet time :)
(Nice sweater, Elder Reed!)
Elder Reed shared that he's now in El Agustino area and he felt very welcomed into the new area by the members and he was very grateful. He also said that he has never seen so many people in one area, but he is excited to get to learn the area and the people there.

Elder Reed shared that there were many miracles. They met a 96 year old man (a very active 96-yr-old!) who wanted to learn about the Gospel and he was very ready to learn what they were sharing. This man's grandson is also so ready to hear the message of the Savior - it's a wonderful blessing!

Elder Reed said that he is still a District Leader over a smaller area geographically, and there are all Elders, no Sisters. He said that's a different situation that he's getting used to as they work to plan different things. He said being a leader is quite a challenge at times.

Elder Reed shared that his companion (E. Gozvalez) is very loved in this area and he enjoys seeing that. He and his companion get along very well. They also got to have fun playing "futbol" [soccer] on their preparation day with other Elders, and Elder Reed enjoys that activity a lot now.

This week was a short update, but Elder Reed shares his love with all of you!
Until next time, remember that there are blessings all around!