Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sept. 14, 2015 update

"Me on a hill that we climbed for the last preparation day! Man was that cool... i'm not leaning on that rock behind me!"

"some milk and cookies that we were able to enjoy thanks in part to a package I received and part from the members here in San Borja"

"Members of the ward mission coordination meeting"

"Those at the baptism!"  What an awesome looking group!! :)

"Cool napkin I found here in Lima!"
Elder Reed's letter was short this week, but he sent lots of cool pictures! :)  From Elder Reed:

"Howdy there Neighbor (put name here),

This week was awesome! We had a bunch of stuff happen: we had divisions with our District Leader, he interviewed an investigator for baptism, and she was baptized on Saturday! The really cool part was the amount of people that were there at the service. I think we finally got across to the ward the importance of supporting the souls who have begun the same journey we are in. 

This week was also really special because now we know that the members in the ward trust us! What a great feeling it is!

We have also found many people who are willing to get their spiritual motors running again [- one in particular comes to mind]! We were even able to walk to church with him and commit him to speak with the Bishop this Wednesday! :)

Sorry this letter is so short, but just know that all is well here in San Borja :) .   See you next week! 

Elder Reed"


NOTE from Elder Reed's Mom: I know there were serious earthquakes in Chile a few days ago, which isn't really that far from where Elder Reed is (tsunami/ocean effects are a possibility there in Lima) yet I feel at ease in my heart, even though we don't have word if anyone in the Lima area was affected. We are praying for all those who live in the area of Chile affected by this devastating event, praying for them to have peace and comfort during this difficult time. Every prayer helps! If you feel inclined, offer up a prayer for them as well. Miracles can happen through prayer!

Until next week..... remember that the blessings of the Lord are for each of us, and that He loves us all more than we can understand.

Sept. 7th, 2015 update

Some pictures from Elder Reed (his own words in the quotation marks...)

"Bread and cheese (BOTH WERE AWESOME!!!) from a recent convert that travelled to Cusco for a month"

"a gift from the Bishop and his wife" - Elder Reed really likes his A&W Root Beer :)

"the first Nuevo Sol that I found in almost a YEAR of searching that is from the year 1995 [when I was born]! I'm never going to spend it!"
Elder Reed's letter this week talked about how they were kicked out of one of the wealthiest parts of their area, San Isidrio. They were confronted with a security patrol guard who said the people were calling in and reporting a disturbance - Los Misioneros. Apparently, there had been a lot of robberies lately in that area, and the people were afraid that the Missionaries would do the same. Not fun!

Elder Reed's spiritual thought this week: "My message this week is that money, whether it is in dollars or yen, doesn't mean you are happy. The rich have their hearts and minds set on the things of this world (for the most part, there are always exceptions), and they think that they have it good. They aren't wrong in, at best, they are set for a serious crisis, but the Gospel is truly the most precious treasure one can have. This is the only treasure that is given freely to all and requires only the willingness to accept it. The only things that it lacks is people who are willing to take hold of it and that is where you and I come in. We are here to be messengers and we will be even more blessed for our service being rendered."

Elder Reed's non-spiritual thought talked about how, being in a companionship of two North Americans seems to really make the time FLY away. :)

Until next week's update, remember to count the blessings - they are there!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Aug 31st, 2015 update

Time is flying by so quickly! 11 months through now, and soon it will be a year in the mission field! WOW! :)

Elder Reed was so incredibly excited in his letter this week - they were blessed to have Elder David A. Bednar come and visit with their mission! He also had some really exciting opportunities as well! From his weekly letter to his Mission President hat he shared with us:

"This week, Elder Maxwell and I as a companionship saw a large number (very large indeed) of miracles in San Borja this week! First off, we were, by divine revelation, placed together as companions. Secondly, from day 1 of our time together, we have been progressing bastante [quite a lot] with our investigators and we have even set a baptismal date with her after receiving a TON of reasons why she couldn't accept one! Thirdly, we have had a varon [man] accompany us to every appointment that didn't fall through!

Fourth, we met a lady in the street that wanted us to pray for her, but had great difficult listening to us about what we teach and why we teach about a Restoration! After my companion and I explained to her more on the subject, she seemed more interested and accepted the phone number of the Elderes in Limatambo. Then when we ended, we asked if she knew anyone that was having problems in their life that could benefit from the knowledge of a restoration. She started to say no, but, as we watched her think, something in her eyes changed and we could tell that Espiritu Santo [the Holy Ghost] was working in her and she led us right to another lady who couldn't meet with us at that moment, but we will be coming back!

Fifth, We were blessed to be in the presence of Elder David A. Bednar and wow... I thought I was about to explode with happiness with what he told us we could do and the blessings we would receive from following through it as devoted agents of the Lord and not just objects to be acted upon!  Sixth, this Sunday was the BEST!!!!!!! I've never felt so charged from a Sacrament meeting and Gospel Principles class! The teacher changed the topic last second to the Restoration and it was perfect for one of our investigators! It helped strengthen her testimony and mine!

Seventh, we were "assaulted" by a wave of [men in the Ward] that desired to teach with us and now we have 6 days of lessons with members!!!!

Those are only some of the most prominent miracles that we have seen here this week! I wish you a wonderful week and a happy Monday!  Love, Elder Reed"

Elder Jeria in the internet cafe that is used each week to write home/read emails.

Elder Reed and Elder Maxwell - companions!

Aug. 24th, 2015 update

Elder Reed shared some photos and his family letter this week - :)
"Me after a preparation day in the mission (the elders in my zone played fĂștbol together: 5v5" :)

"Me, Elder Orosco (in the back 22 months, Ecuador), and Elder Jeria (16 months, Chile)" - a great looking group!
Elder Reed wanted to give a shout-out to all those who had a birthday this past week [there are lots of August birthdays!]. 

From Elder Reed's letter: "Today is the last day of transfers which is, again, incredible! What is super exciting is that this week something/someone really special will be coming to the Peru Lima East and North missions. I mention East first because (every missionary knows this) "my mission is the best mission in the whole-wide world!" I won't get too specific until it comes to pass so that I don't jinx the event into not happening.

I am also aware of school starting back up for you parents and school-aged people. I have only a few times I can say "good luck" because I am here in Peru continuing to learn, but teach as well! You can really surprise yourself about how much you know when you begin to teach! As well as learning from the people and their habits, there is also learning from the language standpoint. I remember 3 sister missionaries that served in the ward Los Sauces with me [and they] said that understanding and comprehending a new language begins with listening & understanding and later speaking & understanding. I don't think I would have made it through my first 4.5 months without them!

My spiritual thought this week comes from my experience this week with reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. We were meeting with a less than happy recent convert. She had been unhappy because she had stopped praying, stopped reading the Book of Mormon, and most importantly, she stopped praying about the Book of Mormon! [In the Doctrine & Covenants and the Book of Mormon,] it says that is we desire happiness, we should study the words of life; that if we desire the Spirit in our lives, we must study and pray and then will our tongue be loosened to the confounding of the wise (Doctrine & Covenants 11:21, Alma 37:6-7). That will bring the Spirit. That will make your life happier! That I promise you! Of these things I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  Until next week, Elder Reed"