Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4, 2016 update

Elder Reed shared his love with everyone - and he was amazed at how quickly another week flew by! 

Elder Reed shared that they got to go to Cieneguilla for preparation day and play kickball - and he really enjoyed it :)  He said that they also talked with the Bishop of their ward and are really excited about the help they are receiving.

This week, Elder Reed and his companion did a LOT of walking and were trying to find more people to teach and also to find investigators or less-actives that have come to the English classes that he teaches. Elder Reed shared that he now has 3 fully-Spanish-speaking companions in his room (in other words, they are all native Spanish speakers). He said that has helped him to speak even better Spanish. Yet it has also caused more difficulty in his English speaking [which is able to be heard in the recordings, but I just grin and enjoy hearing it].

They didn't have a lot of time to study this week, as they had a lot of meetings and trainings. They were glad to have the trainings, but also missed having that time of study. They received a call during the week from the mission president's wife, with a referral from someone in the States - it was a wonderful blessing! They went to look for the person and searched for a time, and eventually found where the person lived, but they weren't at home. However, hopefully it will work out in the next few weeks to meet with him.

President Boswell shared with the missionaries that if your faith doesn't change in the course of your mission, you have come here in vain. He then extended an invitation for the missionaries to pray to the Lord and ask how strong their faith is, and ask for opportunities for their faith to grow. Elder Reed took up the invitation, and was given opportunities that were difficult that helped him to see where his faith was at, and to help grow his faith. Remember, if you ask the Lord, He will answer!

Elder Reed also shared a story of a lady in their area who had been in another stake and had moved a couple times, then was now in their ward. She hadn't been to church for a year and a half because of something unkind someone had said. Elder Reed cautioned everyone to be careful what you say. Try to say things that would uplift others, because it can be such a blessing if you do, but can be so harmful if you don't. Always always always be kind to others!

The Elders had been looking for this lady for about an hour and a half, and weren't having any luck. They had about given up when suddenly the woman's son found them! What a blessing! They were able to talk with her and help her feel welcomed to come to church. 

Elder Reed said that they had a multi-zona conference, and he was excited to get to see all the missionaries and see President Boswell. There will be fewer missionaries in the near future in that area overall, but the work is still going very well!

Elder Reed thought he would share a riddle for this week - and you can email him your answer [because I don't know yet!] - 

"If I say that every monkey can see three monkeys, how many monkeys are there?"

Stay tuned for the answer!

Elder Reed shared his love again and hopes that you are all strengthened by the tests of character and of faith - remember that blessings come as you choose the right path -