Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nov. 30, 2015 update

We'll start with some pictures from this week's update:


My room before transfers (L-R Elder: Taylor, Hualinga, Tineo, Reed)

My district eating a very free, very large pday meal!

Elder Reed shared that time is going quickly, and the days are sort of melting together, but he loves what he is doing for the Lord. He said that the District got together on their preparation day (after the allowed time online for emails) and ate food from members at a restaurant (see picture above) and he enjoyed it so much! Very yummy food! After the other customers left, the members in the restaurant and the District were able to watch the "Meet the Mormons" video and have ice cream - he really enjoyed that!

Elder Reed was able to teach English to the kids of a less-active family and he was very grateful for that. He also got to see the moon (because it is so clear being away from Lima), and he said he got to see the face in the moon. :)  He said he's waited 20 years for that!

Elder Reed went on divisions (basically, that is where one missionary trades places and has a different companion for a day within the area), and it was a new experience for him as District Leader, but he is grateful for the learning opportunity. 

The missionaries went to the regional church building (called a stake center) and were practicing some songs for the multizona (multiple zone) meeting that is coming for them. He said the songs are coming along and he's grateful for music in his life. (Yay!)

Elder Reed stated that he is so grateful to be on his mission and that he doesn't know where he'd be without those experiences. He was able to bear his testimony in his new ward, and he is grateful for those opportunities. 

Until next week - Elder Reed