Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Feb 1st, 2016 update

This week, I will convey Elder Reed's words first, then you can see the pictures. :)

Elder Reed said that this week was short. He said he is realizing more and more that time is not something in great supply, that there is less and less time in the day to complete the tasks needed. Elder Reed also got two packages (which took a couple of months to get there), and he really enjoyed that.

This week, for the p-day, they went to play futbol (soccer) with another zone and really enjoyed their time together. The Zone had matching shirts. :)  Elder Reed's number was the infinity sign, and Elder Meik's shirt had the same number. So, Elder Reed said "it is infinity to the infinity power". :)

Elder Reed said he really enjoyed playing futbol. He also said that, this week, they had to go up a huge hill to visit some members, and they were able to see his area (see below), and he could see several areas, as well also saw a dead scorpion [eww!]. He also said he's started reading the Book of Mormon again through, and he has set aside more time to read the scriptures and it has been a great help to him!

Elder Reed said that they were sitting at the side of the road at one point, and there was so much dust being thrown up by the trucks and traffic that they could only hear the trucks and see a dust cloud. Wow!

Elder Reed also shared that he has started writing in almost full Spanish, so to help him better his Spanish skills. He also said that this week was interview with President (Mission President) week. He really likes him because he cares, and he is very simple in what he says. It's fitted exactly to the situation that is going on, and Elder Reed shared how grateful he is that he is with President Boswell.

Elder Reed said that, this week, they got to each lunch with the Stake Patriarch, and they really enjoyed it. They talked about how patriarchs are called, what they do, and how their callings work, and what they feel during the time they are giving the blessings (patriarchal blessings). Elder Reed said that he really enjoyed learning more about that. 

Elder Reed shared his spiritual thought this week. It is centered in the fact that we are children of our Heavenly Father. But, He won't give us everything at once. That is against His policy. If we feel that we aren't good enough, we aren't. We aren't perfect. We aren't going to be perfect in this life. But, Father gave us the ability to progress. He gave us moral agency (not free agency, because it wasn't free - there was price paid by Jesus Christ, our Savior, which He was willing to do because He loves us each that much!) - we were all given moral agency to choose what we would do in this life. We can choose to better ourselves, and, line upon line, precept upon precept, we will be given what we need. In everything, we are progressing if we are faithful. Father will help us along the way! We all need to give thanks to our Father in Heaven for all we have. When we give thanks, we can see how much we have been given and how far we've come.

Until next time - give a prayer (or two or three) of thanks - there are so many blessings around us!

the futbol field
Zona Campoy

Elder Reed, the Lamanite
a view of the area
another view of the area
dead scorpion.... [ eww!!! ]

another view of the area - 
lots of infinity going on :)

[Sorry the pictures are out of order. Lovely technology. Haha]