Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nov 23, 2015 update

[I know it has been a long time since the blog has been updated - there has been a LOT going on at our house, but my goal is to get things updated now, so, there will be several posts over the next few days. They may not be an exact transcription, as Elder Reed has been sending voice recordings now, but I will do my best. Thanks for your patience!

Also, Elder Reed wanted me to let everyone know how grateful he is for all the help as he has been on his mission - whether that is through helping with expenses, sending letters and/or packages, or simply praying for him, he says Thank You! He is forever grateful for his experiences in Peru and knows that is where our Heavenly Father wants him to be right now. Thank you!]

Elder Reed shared two photos this week of his previous pension [those who helped the Elders with food/laundry].

Beautiful family!

Elder Reed also stated that he is now in Huachipa, Campoy, "very very far from everything! BUT I LOVE IT!" :)

Elder Reed said that he's now been out 14 months and he has been transferred to the Campoy Stake and he loves the people, who are a humble and welcoming people. They are willing to listen to the Gospel. His new companion is from Iquitos Peru and will be finishing his mission soon. Elder Reed is also now a District Leader (he is responsible for several sets of missionaries in his area, and then there are several Districts in a Zone, and several Zones within a Mission... so, he is learning leadership skills now too - he says it feels something like what he would think parenting feels like, and it's not always easy). 

Elder Reed said that his ward is huge there in Huachipa, and that he isn't training a new missionary right now, and he is so busy that he's gone to pray at night and then fell asleep while praying. Oops - he's tired! But he is doing well and is stretching both physically and spiritually. 

Elder Reed said that it's really dusty in Huachipa, but it's also really sunny and he loves it. :)

The spiritual thought - it is about patriarchal blessings and the blessing that comes from hearing specifically from our Heavenly Father - it is a guide that He gives for us and that, if we do our part, we will be able to feel of those blessings and guidance. The Lord's work on the earth is hastened - and we need to do our part in keeping up.

Until next time - Elder Reed