Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jan. 5, 2016 update

[Elder Reed sent a few pictures for this week's update, so we'll start with those.]
"traffic, traffic"  :)

"and more traffic! how exciting!!!" :)
Elders Ponce, Russell, Reed, and Sinuiri

Elder Reed sent another voice recording. This week, he didn't get to email on the regular day, but one day later, as they were going to go to the Lima Peru Temple - how exciting! He said that he was excited that the new year is here, and that he is amazed that he has spent all of 2015 in Peru - time has been going so quickly! He said that it seems like 2 days ago that he was in the airport leaving the States.

They had transfers this week and he has a new companion, Elder Sinuiri. He will be with Elder Sinuiri as he completes his mission there in Huachipa. 

Elder Reed talked about fasting and how grateful he is that Heavenly Father has given us all a way to be more spiritually closer to Him so that we all can have more strength. He shared that he never before understood the power that can come from fasting. 

Elder Reed shared that he figured out that there are 6 North American Elders that will be finishing their mission at the same time. He said the previous group had 20 finishing at the same time, and the group before that had another 20. Wow!

Elder Reed said that he is still learning a lot as a District Leader and that it's wild trying to communicate things when there is little or no time to do that. :)  He said that they were able to go last minute to a baptism and it was such a wonderful experience. 

Elder Reed shared his love for each of you, and thanked you for your help. He shared that he knows each of us will be blessed as we read our scriptures, pray daily, and helping the missionaries in whatever way possible. 

Until next week - remember to count the many blessings!