Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jan. 25th, 2016 update

Elder Reed shared pictures of his old shoes - that had lasted him from the beginning of his freshman year of high school until now (5 years!), had been to the shoe repair store 3 times in 2 different areas in Peru, but had finally kicked the last bucket. Definitely well-worn! :)

He also sent pictures of a couple of shirts he has for preparation day...

The audio recording came in two parts this week. One was labeled for last week (when he sent just some pictures) and the other was for this week. So, from last week's audio, Elder Reed shared an apology for not sending the letter last week :)

He said that they ate a lot of food on Sunday that they thought was guinea pig (a Peruvian food), but then they figured out a few days later that they'd been part of a practical joke and it wasn't guinea pig. :) He said it was still good though!

Elder Reed said there was a lot of traffic again, and they ended up walking between 2-3 kms from a member's house to the Church building, and it was solid traffic, lots of trucks and dirt, and it was "just crazy". 

Elder Reed shared that they were able to see the power of the Book of Mormon. As missionaries, they chose to utilize it more and they were excited by the change and power that came, and from the experiences learned by using it. They had some divisions this week and he enjoyed the companion he had at the time (Elder Meik [sp?]). 

This week, the missionaries fulfilled their goals - they were able to contact 50 people, they were able to ask 50 people for references, and invite at least 10 people to baptism - they actually invited 11, and were so excited to reach their goals for the week!

Elder Reed also shared that they were able to go to the store and get new shoes this week (it was a much-needed trip for Elder Reed - ha ha!). The shoes are a size 44 (in Europe and Peru). :)  

Elder Reed's spiritual thought for this week is that everyone who does the will of the Father, who puts in their effort diligently, will receive great blessings. They will feel good with what they have done, they will feel pleased with the efforts given. Elder Reed shared his love with everyone. 

For the second installment for this week, Elder Reed stated that the week went very quickly. They had a lot of meetings during the week. They were able to participate in a world-wide training broadcasted from Salt Lake City just for missionaries. They were able to listen to apostles and other leaders, and it was a great boon for them. 

Elder Reed also spent more time with divisions this week, which he enjoyed. He also learned that there will be interviews with the mission president, which Elder Reed also enjoys. :)

Elder Reed hopes that everyone is doing well. He also shared a scripture and his testimony - that we are promised by the Lord that, as we share our testimony in solemnity of mind and in prayer, we can be forgiven of our sins and we will come closer to the Lord.

Until next time - remember that each day is a blessing!