Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jan. 11th, 2016 update

Elder Reed didn't have many pictures this week.

Elder Sinuiri
Elder Reed said that he got to go to the temple this past week and it was a very amazing experience - it's always a blessing to get to go there.

Elder Reed shared that he was so surprised that his sister was at college already, that he hadn't realized how quickly time was going by. He said, "They went and ... boom! I feel like that snuck up and threw a cat on my face! Man, that was scary!" :)

Elder Reed said he finally got a map of his area where he is at and it's really large compared to where he had been. Elder Reed also said he'd finally had a dream that was in both Spanish and English and he could tell the difference.

He stated that they've been able to visit with a lot of less-active members and he was grateful for that time with them. The Elders also had a really cool District meeting. He said they learned a lot and that was what can happen when you let the Holy Spirit teach the lesson. Then he shared how he'd heard Elder David Bednar once say something like "at a meeting, don't take notes on the stuff that's said, take notes on the stuff that's NOT said, and that will be what you need to learn".

Elder Reed shared that they got a visit from missionaries from the CCM, and he realized how much he has progressed from his first weeks there in the mission. He was very grateful for that realization. He also said there was a LOT of traffic this past week in his area and it slowed down the work they were able to do. [I'm not sure if they couldn't get to as many places or not, but Elder Reed stated that, when he returns home, he'll share that experience as he had written it in his journal.]

Elder Reed shared his testimony that the temple is the house of the Lord, that it is a place on the earth designated by God where we can make covenants with Him that will enable us to stride into eternity and live with Him again. All we need to do is be worthy to enter the temple, then we go through the temple, then we keep those covenants, be faithful to them, and to our Father, until the end of our days.

Elder Reed shared his love and hopes that each of us remembers to go back to the basics. Learn the basics, live the basics, smile always, and "come what may, and love it"[quote from Elder Joseph Wirthlin].  Laugh, smile, say Hi to others - someone is waiting for you to give them a chance to be happy forever.

Until next week -