Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dec. 28, 2015 update

[Lots of pictures this week :) We'll start with those! ]
Los Sauces after a year
Elder Sands and I after a year
Elder Sands, Cruz, Reed and Moreno after 1 year in the field

Zona Campoy eating at a buffet
Elder Garate and Elder Reed having some "air fun"
Hermana Boswell, Presidente Boswell, and Elder Reed
Elder Reed's voice recording shared that the week was very quick - he was still with the trio, and he also got to do divisions. He really liked that. He also got to speak with the family on Christmas day and REALLY enjoyed that. :)

Elder Reed said he loved getting to have a picture taken with the mission president as well. :)

Elder Reed shared his testimony that he knows we have our trials and tests for a reason - so we can learn. So we can grown in strength and in wisdom. He also shared that he knows those around us are here for a reason - we have things we can learn from them. He shared that he knows that what missionaries do is tough, but that it's worth it. He also said: "The things in life that we want more should be things that we work for. If we don't put any effort into it, it doesn't give us joy or satisfaction for very long. Just remember that!"

He then shared his testimony in Spanish, which the transcriber couldn't translate easily. :) Elder Reed did share his love, and said to have a good week!