Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dec. 7th, 2015 update

Elder Reed didn't have a huge update this week. He did say that he hoped we didn't freeze with the cold, because he wasn't. :)  It is summer down in Peru at this time of year, and I think he was enjoying that!

He was asked how much gas costs in Peru. He said it's about 9-16 soles (pronounced "souls" - it's the Peruvian money) per litre for gas. With the conversion rate of approximately 3 soles per american dollar - that's expensive fuel! He also stated that he can have music from the website of the Church, or hymns to listen to, or classical music. 

Elder Reed also said that he was able to fast and shared how grateful he is for that tool and strength from Heavenly Father, and that it will help you if you put fasting together with prayer.

Elder Reed said that he is now buying his own breakfast (apparently, no pensionista now), and it was interesting taking care of that. This week, they played capture the flag, but they had socks filled with flour or something like that. If the person was hit with the sock, they had to go sit in the middle of the field for 30 seconds. His team lost. Several times. :) Ha ha

Elder Reed also said he got to throw around an American football, and he hadn't done that in a LONG time! I also forgot his tennis shoes and alarm clock in San Borja, so he had to play football americano (ha ha) and capture the flag with boat-type shoes. Ha ha. He did get them back though, so all is well now.

Elder Reed said that now being in December is amazing, as time is going by so quickly! The missionaries had a multizona conference this week, which he really enjoyed. :)  He enjoyed being with the other missionaries and hearing from his mission president. He encouraged the missionaries to write down their testimonies of Jesus Christ, so that they could read those and feel of that testimony later in life. Elder Reed encouraged each of us to do the same - write down your testimony of Jesus Christ.

Elder Reed stated his testimony: "I know that God loves me, and that Jesus Christ loves me. The Savior suffered and died to prove it. He's perfect. I'm not, and I can be. However, if I keep the Father's commandments and live Jesus' teachings, that's the only way.... He's God's son and He came to earth. He died so that I might live forever with the Creator of my soul. He loves me and I love him.... If men will repent and come until Him, they can be saved - they will be saved! Of this I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Elder Reed said thank you for the prayers - they are a great support for him - 
Until next week - Elder Reed