Saturday, November 1, 2014

October 30, 2014 update

Hello all - this is Sylvia (Momma) - this week's update is mostly pictures - YAY! :)  There were a few words from Elder Reed that I will post after the pictures - so enjoy! He leaves the CCM next week - time is flying by!

Name tags - it's real! :)

His district in the CCM.

The Lima Peru Temple

I love this note - it goes along with the picture below .....

This is their big rain in Peru! :)  I told him that it's not like when we got about 5 inches in 2 hours here in Tipp City - that's different for him!

Elder Reed and his District when they visited the Temple

For this picture, he had sent "Elders Sands, Van Uitert, and Mann - and I'm not sure who the one on the far right is...."  :)

Outside the Temple

Another view - this temple is very similar in design to the Chicago Temple. :)

It is a magnificent building!

"Holiness to the Lord - House of the Lord"

Elder Reed also tried to send a picture of Peruvian transportation (a chobi), but it didn't come through. However, he said this: "The small bus ... is called a combi. it fits anywhere from 2 to 45 people(depending on whether you like being a sardine and almost losing your hand because that is the only thing keeping your body from flying in the crazy driving of these peruvians!!!) I really like them!!!! and a ride only costs S/. .50 (.5 soles). search google for cramped peruvian combi! prepare to laugh!"  

He also said that his mission is entirely a walking mission, so no bike or driving. :) He also said, "i did however buy my first non-essential item today for 4.2 soles. a 3L bottle of granadilla, maracuyo, and mango fruit punch bottle! it is delicious!!!" - Soles is the currency of Peru - actually it is Nuevo Sol. Soles must be the plural? I know I (his Momma) have a lot of Spanish to learn! :)

Elder Reed said that he can't wait to get to the mission field, and it's coming so quickly! He also sent this message to all, "Also being here has taught me something else... please have everyone in our family make an effort to get to know the investigators that the missionaries bring to church! have them shake their hand, get to know them, show them around! most of the reason that they dont return is because they dont feel welcome! offer your help to the missionaries in that effort. you might need to directly say that you are willing to help with any new people that come to church, but the investigators need your help to!"
That's the update for this week - enjoy!

PS - He said he hasn't received any mail there yet - not sure how that's happened, so be aware that the mail system may be **very** bad. I know I sent a letter to him at the CCM before he left and it still hasn't gotten there. Hopefully he will receive items soon!