Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014 update

[Well, this is the first post officially on the blog that no one has seen. I hope you enjoy these! I think this is the easiest way to share Michael's letters. Enjoy!]

[Michael's latest update, titled "1 month!!! Letter to family!" -]

Hey... Ive been here for one month today! Happy Birthday to Mom, Aunt Susan, and Abby today! 
I, along with my companion, Elder Sands, have been made a Zone Leader and we are scrambling to learn how to do our job in just the 2 weeks or so we have left!
I just want to say that I love you guys and that im able to have something of a conversation with the latinos here at the CCM [MTC ]! they know just about as much english as i know spanish!
 OHHH YEAH, ok so you all know how elder Sands and I were the only missionaries going to Lima East in the entire CCM? well now there are 9 others going! and 8 of them will be leaving with elder Sands and me. (They are in the two week program because they can already speak espaƱol). the other is a new, 6 week missionary from the USA!
 Edler Reed!

[When I asked him how he's doing, if he has been sick, if his allergies have been bothering him, etc.] "Ya ive been fine. the food hasnt once disagreed with me! Ive also got to liking pescado [fish]! its just a way to not eat only pollo [chicken]! ;) my allergies are fine, ive really gotten used to the air here (although pollution here is absolutely insane when im in the main part of the city!) and ive not been taking my pills. ¡yo no recuerdo que les tengo! [I don't remember that I have them!]"

[When I asked him how he is sleeping, and if he is sleepwalking at all] "i normally get into bed at 1030pm and am asleep within 3 minutes or less (usually less) and wake up at about 615... about 8 hours, but it will never be enough! i havent been sleepwalking" [but he said he has heard of some of the hermanas [Sister missionaries ] in his district have been sleep talking (and one in spanish!!!) he said he's so jealous! Lol!]

[So, he is doing well! Yay! Blessings!]