Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov. 10th, 2014 update....

Here is Elder Reed's update for this week. It looks like the snail mail (postal system) is much less than desirable. He said he hasn't received any mail yet in that way, and I sent some letters before he even left. So, if you want to write him, please use the DearElder site he refers to (the DearElder website) - choose Peru Lima East Mission. This is free (through POUCH mail, when it is printed and sent with other mail going to the Mission from the Church), so it's the most likely way to get it there. Please know that this isn't necessarily a private way to send mail, as it will be printed by others and sent, but it is a way for him to receive mail.... and I think he is needing some mail. :) Enjoy and I hope to be able to post more pictures next week when I hear from Elder Reed. :) For now, here is his update: 

"Could you have everybody send letters using the DearElder site? that way i will definetly get the letters! 

[A] rather cool point though!... I was able to meet Elder Maxwell at the temple on my second day in the field, shake his hand, tell him that I had enjoyed his blog, and wish him success in his area!
The people here love to laugh and have a good time, but they know when it is time to work! 
I have yet to find a SERPost, but im looking ( and very new to the area!) Ive been able to see that going to church is a HUGE blessing, because all the people there believe the same thingand wont question you for what you say about believing!
There are sooooooooooooooo many dogs here in Los Sauces and they all poop and pee and sleep in the street. ive already stepped in two giant piles of poop!!! i aspire to be a millionare one day!!!
I think that next week im going to send pics, but only because i have like 4 minutes left!!! Please convey to everybody that missionary work is very very difficult, that it is exhausting, but that I have been able to see noticable improvements about my feelings towards others, about my spanish, and towards others.
Elder Reed
PS- callings are important and everyone needs you. When the bishop takes a chance and calls someone who might not be good for that calling, just think to yourself, "the Lord took a chance with me!" "

[For a little explanation, the Elder Maxwell he speaks of is another missionary in the field that has a blog here, and we were able to see a little about Peru before Michael left. :) 
Also, "SERPost" is apparently the Peruvian National Postal System.]