Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nov. 17th update

I am going to post the pictures first, then the update below. I didn't get any information on the pictures, but it looks to be Elder Reed and his companion, Elder Puma. Enjoy the update!
Elder Reed & Elder Puma

From Elder Reed, in several emails: 
"I havent recieved any mail of any kind... sorry, but that is the truth for now. I have heard that if you are sending packages you might want to send it with Christian symbols on it. that way the people dont open the package and take anything before sending the package on, or just take the package by itself! Christian symbols: all over the box you might put crosses or scripture references that are cool that you have found this week!

on friday i was inside a building when a 5.8 earthquake hit... very scary!

Mom: remember those multicolored pipecleaners you had me put on my seminary scriptures for the minimission? well, they came in handy this week when my companion and I were in a lesson and there was a little boy who was just screaming his head off!!! i thought of those pipecleanersand I gave tham to him and there were no more problems from him for the rest of the night!

I have been struck by food enemy of north americans... the runs. Dont worry about it... the problem is being taken care of and the right people have been notified!

I did have some awesome food though, before my problem hit! I finally had something in the lobster family and some serious rice mounds! When I get home I want a pizza, milk, m&ms, and some sweedish fish (not actual fish, which I have eaten several times here and have liked!)

I was told that I should read, only after I get back, Miracle of Forgiveness and Doctrine of Salvation!

Los Souces is my area, ward, and I have no idea where it is on a map!

Elder Reed

I have some pics attatched and I am proud to say that I now have 2 months (8 weeks) under my belt as a missionary!"

"As it turns out, no missionary in PerĂ¹ Lima East washes their clothing nor cooks their meals. We have what are called Pensionistas (os)... but generally pensionistas... that are paid out of the money we get every month to cook all our meals for us. For E[lder] Puma and I, we have another member who washes our clothes, but once we submit our ropa [clothes] we need to wait for 4-6 days!!! Yikes!

elder puma is from Arequipa, Peru

this is my goodbye this week!
E. Reed"