Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 14, 2016 update...

[This post will officially catch up Elder Reed's blog. Hopefully it will be updated more in real-time, as he only has a few months left. He is excited and sad for that at the same time - definitely mixed emotions, as he has grown to dearly love the people of Peru and the work he is doing!]

At the Lima Peru Temple
Elder Reed said that this week was very awesome, though quite a challenge. They reached a goal they had set with a lot of effort, yet it was reached. They wished that they had also had more help from the members this week, but they continued on and are grateful for the work they are doing for the Lord right now. The goal they had has taken many weeks, so it didn't come quickly, but working towards it slowly is the key.

Elder Reed didn't have a lot of time to share things in his letter, but he did say he'd been to the temple and loved it, and even had pizza, which he loved as well. :) Also, they got to see Elder Rasband and got to shake his hand. Elder Rasband shared how much the missionaries are loved by the Prophet, by the Apostles, and by the Lord. Elder Reed shared that he knows that these men are called by revelation, inspired by God. What a blessing!

Elder Reed shared his love and thanks and will share more next week!
Until then, remember to share a smile with others - it could be the very thing they need to help them keep going.