Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 6, 2016 update...

There were no pictures this week [going to have to talk with Elder Reed about that - ha ha], but he did share many things in his letter. 

Elder Reed stated that he and Elder Mamani put forth a lot of effort and found great blessings for doing that - they have literally had people coming up to them to ask them about religion, about Jesus Christ, about being better people. It was a wonderful experience for them, strengthening their testimony of the work.

Elder Reed shared that the elections took place on June 5th, but that didn't decide the election, so they will have to have another election day in the future, which means no church for them on that day. 

Elder Reed shared that they walked a lot during the week. One night, they had walked a lot and was searching for someone to teach a lesson to, and found a man who was very interested in the Gospel, and when they left, they realized that they were running out of time before they had to be back to their room (before their curfew time), and they didn't see a bus anywhere. As it turned out, they said a prayer and a bus came along just then, they hopped on, and were able to make it back to their room in time - what a blessing!

Elder Reed talked about the English lesson he was able to teach during the week as well, and he enjoyed that. 

He also shared that sometimes, they are very straightforward in sharing the Gospel and the commandments, to not have fear of men. And when they do that, the Spirit can testify to the people who are ready and willing to hear and change and improve, to come closer to Christ and God. It's a beautiful miracle!

Elder Reed shared that the missionaries were looking forward to seeing Elder Rasband, and also to getting to go to church on Sunday. :)  He is also excited that they will get to go to the temple again next week, which is a huge blessing to them!

Elder Reed's message is that, if there is arguing and it doesn't matter in the long run, stop arguing. It's not worth it. He shares his love and gratitude with you all. He is grateful to be serving the Lord, and is focused on serving Him and the people of Peru.

Until next week, remember that blessings come in many forms, but all of them are able to be recognized if we are willing to do so.