Sunday, June 19, 2016

April 25, 2016 update...

First this week, a few photos :)
a picture of Cieneguilla Capilla

a morning view from their room

"me in the chacra... the farthest away part of Huertos!"
Elder Reed shared this week that it has been a great week. For the preparation day, they went to Cieneguilla, which is a ward just above where he is at. It's about a half hour bus trip, but they were able to meet with other missionaries in the district and enjoy playing frisbee. He also received a letter from home (which he always love letters!) - 

Elder Reed said that this week, they went to a hill (there are LOTS of hills in his current area of Huertos de Manchay). They went over to see if they could meet with some less-active members, but they weren't there. They had to climb a lot to get to the hill, and had to go to another hill farther away for their next appointment. They saw a path that led from one hill to the other, so they took that instead of going all the way back down, trekking over to the base of the next hill, and then going all the way up that one. It saved a lot of time for them. He said that the wind was cool too, it was whistling in his ears and he really enjoyed the scenery there. It was a great experience for him. :)

Then, they went over to another hill and could see all of their area and he thought that was awesome!

Elder Reed shared that, later that day, they could see Satan at work. They were talking with someone on the bus, sharing information about the gospel. They had to go, and as he was leaving, Elder Reed saw someone else sit by the man and tell him that these missionaries were "people of money" - and it was such a disappointment because of Satan's lies being told. Elder Reed said that Satan will do anything to spread doubt. It's what Satan does best.

Elder Reed shared that some of the service they did this week involved moving trash from a 2nd floor that was being built down to the ground level. They were using buckets and cable stuff (they didn't have rope), but were able to help a lot!

Elder Reed said that there were people who came to them asking if they could learn more about the gospel, which was an awesome thing! There are so many who are ready to hear more about Jesus Christ - what a blessing!

Elder Reed's spiritual thought for this week relates to temples. Elder Reed shared that he found a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants 124:55, and it talks about the many blessings that come from the House of the Lord - and they are eternal!

Until next week, remember to see the blessings around you -