Sunday, June 19, 2016

May 30, 2016 update...

Elder Reed didn't send pictures this week, but started out with a spiritual thought. He shared that there were elections on Sunday, June 5th, in the country, so they wouldn't be able to have church on Sunday (due to government regulations). So, the missionaries fasted. And during church this past week, Elder Reed bore his testimony to the members and shared that, even when he may not know exactly what to say, he remembers someone telling him once to just speak the truth. So, he did. He shared the truths that he knows, and he was grateful for doing so. Elder Reed shared that, sometimes we need to just step back, take a breath, and move forward, not to get overly-upset about little things. Another thing he shared is not to judge, but to show love to others.

Elder Reed shared in his letter that time keeps flying by, and that this past week was a good one for learning. They decided to go to try to search out people, and came across a woman who had been contacted by missionaries many years ago, but it was good to meet with her. They also went out to just talk with people, and had some interesting experiences. Elder Reed learned that there are some people who do not want to talk to you about religion, but are willing to just talk, which is a great way to show how the Savior lived.

Elder Reed also did divisions with another set of missionaries, and he got to experience  a ward missionary night, which was awesome. On that night, there was a member of the Church who came in who was from another country, but was a political refugee now living in Peru. Elder Reed shared that it opened his eyes to that type of situation and how we all need to be mindful of that. He said that the man was very humble and willing to accept help from those in the ward there. What a blessing!

Elder Reed also shared that they have had some success in the southern part of their area, and he is praying that those they are teaching will choose to attend church as well. The missionaries also had some great help from the members, which is such a great thing!

Elder Reed hopes that everyone has a great week, and that they know he loves everyone - thanks for all you do to help and support this cause! :)