Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June 20, 2016 update

Elder Reed said that he woke up and saw this:

Quite a foggy winter morning :)
Elder Reed also shared the book they use to track different things like contacts. While he said it's not about the numbers (and it isn't), he was very pleased with the work they were doing! It's always good to see progress!

Elder Reed sent a recording from the previous week that hadn't gotten to us, so he was explaining some things from the past week. He explained that their preparation day for two weeks was on a Tuesday, which really is different for him. [Elder Reed does like routine :)] They were able to go to the temple, which they loved. His spiritual thought for that recording was to always live worthy to attend the temple, even if you can't get to one right now - live worthy of those blessings.

From his recordings this week, Elder Reed shared that he will knows the details of the transfers for this time around (which he wanted to wait until the end to share with us). Elder Reed was excited that, on their preparation day, they were able to find a deal on pizza and they had pizza twice and loved it :) They had a hawaiian barbeque chicken pizza (or two) - ha ha.

Elder Reed shared that they had some understanding come as to why some of the investigators weren't progressing - things like alcohol and addictions. It was a bit discouraging, but they continue to love the people because that is what is most important. Elder Reed and his companion testified about the Book of Mormon and felt that it was helpful in several situations.

Elder Reed said that they were able to give service and help a sister build an outside kitchen because her son is coming home from his mission and they were able to help out with that. 

Elder Reed said that, even though there are some tough times, there are always good points in the week too. Elder Reed got to see the mother of a less-active family that he taught while in Huachipa (the mom is active, but the rest of the family is less-active). The mom was visiting her son in Huertos and he was grateful to see her and her son and get to visit a little with them. He is grateful to see how much your example counts for good for others, even if there aren't a lot of baptisms. Always treat others like they are the most important person in the world, because they are. When you leave them, people will think well of you, and you will have made a good difference in the world.

Elder Reed shared that he and Elder Mamani did a LOT of work there in Huertos, and were very grateful for their time together, and have seen improvement from the last transfer. Elder Reed shared that it is so important to fellowship those that are learning about the Gospel. It's so important to help them to know they are loved!

And now, the news is that Elder Reed will be getting a new companion. He will be getting a brand new missionary and he will also be a district leader again. He doesn't feel prepared at all to be a trainer and a district leader - he hopes to keep up with the hard work that was being done, and he feels a bit overwhelmed at the moment. However, he knows that the Lord doesn't call the prepared. He calls the unprepared so He can prepare them. :)

He shared his love with everyone and hopes that, wherever you are, you find success and give it your all in whatever you do - the Lord will bless you as you do!

Until next week, remember that you are loved, even if it doesn't always feel that way. The Savior and our Heavenly Father always love us, no matter what. See Romans 8:35, 38-39.