Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mar. 14th, 2016 update

Elder Reed let me know that the weather there in Campoy (Huachipa) was in the 80s - a normal sweaty day for them. Whew! :)

Here are some photos of the area from the tops of the mountains...

Can you find the Lima, Peru Temple in this photo? Elder Reed says it's there...... :)

Panoramic view

Elder Reed & Elder Sands
This week, in Elder Reed's audio letter, he shared that this week was special because they were able to go up to the top of the mountains and could see the Temple. (See first picture above.) He said that you can see it by looking for three spires. 

Elder Reed shared that this week, the mission had a visit from Elder Lynn G. Robbins, of the Seventy. Elder Reed was super excited and they were edified by the Spirit that was there - it was a wonderful experience for them and they got to be with the Lima Peru Central and Lima Peru North missions also - what a great experience!!

Elder Reed realized this week that his birthday is coming closer and closer. :) [I'm not sure if he is eager to get older (ha ha).]

He shared that they had a weird experience trying to get home one evening. Part of their group had forgotten something and had to go back. Then, as they were on the bus, the bus broke down right in the middle of the street, so they had to wait for another bus to come and pick them up. They eventually made it home. He said, when walking, he doesn't enjoy so much the uphill parts, but he does enjoy coming downhill. :)

This week, they also got to meet with a family who, as Elder Reed puts it, almost doesn't speak Spanish. They speak Quechua [pronounced "keh-choo-ah"]. It is one of the very old languages spoken there in Peru, that mostly the people from outside Lima speak. Elder Reed said that he has Spanish down, but he really wants to learn Quechua also. And he also said he wants to learn to play the cello. :)  He doesn't know where he'll find time for all these things once he gets home, but he'd like to. 

Until next week, Elder Reed sends his love and thanks for all the support!