Sunday, May 1, 2016

March 21st, 2016 update

First some pictures from Elder Reed:
"this is a pic of LASAGNA I got for lunch this week!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME! almost 18 months without this food and I scarfed it down!"

Elder Reed, sweating in the heat. :)

The following are pictures of the super cool service they had during this week [well, cool is a relative term, because it looked really hot and dirty - haha]:

Elder Reed's letter this week shared some great and sad news at the same time. This week, his friend, Elder Sands, went home (unexpectedly, due to family things happening at home), and it was a challenge for Elder Reed. He wanted to let Elder Sands know how much he appreciated him and his service to the Lord. 

In other news, Elder Reed got to go on divisions with another Elder for 2 days. He got to do divisions with an Elder who is from Chile. Elder Reed said that he was helped to be a better missionary. His spiritual take-away from that is to "Be confident in your abilities, because the Lord has given you great talents. It doesn't matter who you are, you use what you have been given and you will be blessed. If you don't use those talents, you will lose them."

Elder Reed said that they found out this week that Huachipa (the area they are in) is huge. They found out that there is an area in their ward that missionaries haven't been in for more than 4 years because it is so far away. They are going to see if they can get there.

Elder Reed said that they found someone who is very eager to learn more about the Gospel. She has come for several weeks in a row to church (all 3 hours of the meetings) and it has been a wonderful experience teaching her, as the Spirit is very strong!

Elder Reed said that they did a great service project (see pictures above) - Elder Reed really enjoyed the manual labor. The other Elders were sore, but Elder Reed just enjoyed it. He appreciates the members in Ohio that helped him to learn manual labor, because it really has been a big help to him in Peru and he really enjoys that. :)

Elder Reed said that he has been working on developing Christlike attributes, specifically Charity and Love. He expressed his gratitude for his companion, his Mission President, and the Lord's help in all things. He has one more week in Huachipa, and then will be transferred out. 

His final spiritual thought this week: Someone who doesn't show their love, doesn't love. So, you gotta make sure that everyone knows that you care about them, and then the world will be a better place. Our sharing of love with others can simply be a smile. Then move to patience, faith, hope and charity. This will help the world around us. 

Until next week, remember to smile and share that with others - It will bring light and goodness into the world!