Friday, March 11, 2016

Mar. 7th, 2016 update

A few pictures first this week:
Huachipa at night
Playing futbol [soccer] on preparation day
Elder Reed shared that they were able to play futbol again this week against another Zone. He said he got to be goalie for over an hour (and lost some points), but enjoyed the game. He also said that they had the opportunity to see how others there help the missionaries, and he realized that, while he was back home, he remembered giving similar help (rides, meals, etc) to the missionaries. So, it had come full circle for him now that he was one of those being helped by others, and he is very grateful for the service of the members of the Church in Peru. 

Elder Reed said that he went on divisions with other missionaries and he was able to work with an Elder he'd worked with before. They walked a lot and talked with many people, and it was a good experience. 

Elder Reed also said that his companion, Elder Del Aguila, went to a referral appointment and they were able to set up a follow-up appointment. They also were able to get other references of those who may be willing to hear the Gospel message. 

Elder Reed's spiritual thought for this week was about fasting. He shared how much of a help that is to him, and how he didn't know why he hadn't done it more regularly before his mission. He also shared that we should all be more patient, to think more before speaking. He said that will help us avoid causing a mess with our friends and relatives, and it makes the world better. 

He shared his love with you all, and hopes you all have a great day!