Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mar. 28th, 2016 update

Elder Reed sent the following photo this week:

The zone Campoy at the last district meeting of the Rare 7 Week Transfer!
Elder Reed said that there were some great miracles happening in Huachipa, and also that he is getting transferred to Huertos de Manchay. It is a huge area in the mission (one of the largest) and will take him farther away from Lima than he has been for the first time in his mission. He said there a lot of mountains there. He said he will see at least 3 of those boundaries of that area, but probably not the 4th, because it's so big. 

Elder Reed said that this week, while in Huachipa, they found another investigator who is so excited to hear the Gospel and is wanting to be baptized. He's so excited!

Elder Reed also shared that the weekly attendance at church in Huachipa has gone up and it's really exciting to see! He said they are seeing so many miracles and the growing spirit there in that area. Elder Reed said that he will miss that area, but he knows it is what the Lord wants, and that it will help him grow and learn more.

Elder Reed got to see some architecture and a huge library and he was amazed at the detail in the buildings and the old books that were there. He enjoyed getting to see those things.

Elder Reed's new companion will be Elder Mamani in Huertos de Manchay. He is excited to begin on the new adventure in a new place. He was working on packing up as he was making the recording, and he said that he hopes everyone has a successful week. 

Elder Reed shared his love with each of you!