Sunday, May 8, 2016

April 12, 2016 update

Pictures first :)
"a long way to climb yet - this is a TINY, TINY, TINY portion of my area! This is what i go up and down all day long!"
"but we already climbed a TONNE"
Elder Reed, Elder M, and J, together on top of the large hill
Elder Reed shared many things in his recording this week. He said they are going to have another multizona conference, and they are going to be singing "Be Still My Soul". They were practicing the song, and Elder Reed felt that he was in the CCM again [the missionary training center he first started at in Lima]. He really enjoyed that.
Elder Reed said that he's been writing completely in Spanish in his journal for several months now, and it's helped him alot. 
Elder Reed also said that on Saturday, they woke very early (5am), and were able to go play soccer for a bit [he really loves the exercise]. He loves to play soccer (futbol) too. Then, they did 2 service projects, which were cool. :)
This past Sunday, there were elections in Peru for the Peruvian President. That meant there were no Sunday services at all, anywhere [per Peruvian law]. The Elders, not having Sunday meetings to go to, went around learning more about their area. They were able to see (by view only) other missions in Peru (as they are on the southern part of their mission now). He could see the beauty and joy of the area. He really is grateful for that opportunity to see the beauty, whether in the rich areas, or in the dirt-poor areas. 

Elder Reed said that, as they walked away from the bus stop, he was amazed at the quiet. The pressured quiet (they are higher up in elevation). He said he is used to noise - airplanes, cars, trains - yet when they were visiting this area, it was so quiet. He felt he could say a prayer to God and He would talk right back to him - he said it was a powerful experience, being there, seeing that and experiencing more of the beauty of this earth.

Elder Reed shared that, because of the elections, you have to go to vote where you are registered at. So, if you are registered in a different area, you must go there to vote. Elder Reed said that there was a miracle that happened. Because all the members were out voting, they didn't know who would help them with food for dinner, but they were able to call their District Leader, who just so happened to be talking with his ward mission leader. This ward mission leader invited them to dinner and it was such a huge blessing for them! They had enough food for all the extra people eating with them. Elder Reed realized, during the meal, just what a miracle it was. Not only was this ward mission leader feeding his own family (of 4), he was feeding his ward's missionaries (4) plus these elders who needed food at the last minute - 4 more. This family fed 12 people, and there was enough food for all. What a blessing! The Lord really does take care of those who serve for His sake! The Lord loves us all, each and every one of us!

That is the spiritual thought of the week. We are loved by God. Each and every one of us has special gifts and talents we have been given because our Heavenly Father loves us. He puts things in our lives that sometimes we take for granted, and He keeps on giving. Sometimes we accept it like it's nothing. Sometimes we are very grateful. Always remember to be grateful for everything you have - because it's a huge blessing!

Elder Reed also gave a shout-out to many people, he thanks you for the letters and prayers and support and love. Time is flying by for him, and he knows that his service to the Lord is a huge blessing to not only him, but to others. He is grateful for his companion and his mission president, and for all of you.

Until next week - remember to always be grateful for the many many blessings you have!