Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 12th, 2015 update...

This week was a week of changes for Elder Reed. He became a trainer, which means that, of the set of missionaries (they always work in twos or threes), he is the leader, helping the new missionary learn. Just a year ago, Elder Reed was the one being trained. :)

Let me share his letter with you:

"Dear Family, This week was very difficult, but I was able to see the hand of the Lord in [all of it]. I am still here in San Borja, but my companion is now Elder Chavez [who is from Honduras], and he only has 3 weeks in the mission [ie, he is very new!]. For those who guessed it: I'm training. I still don't know why. I don't feel adequate as a trainer. As a "normal" missionary I'm ok, but my message this week is brief, but powerful.

When you feel like you have given it all and have nothing more to give, and when you pray, our Father in that moment reaches out to lift you up. He sets you up straight & says "look! I gave you this task and you have done your best. Relax for a second as I help you do My work!"

That was the only way that we were able to have a baptism this week! That was the only way that any of the lessons we had got taught. That is the only reason I am writing this letter to you right now!

I love you and hope that you too can feel His presence in your everyday life!  Elder Reed"

The Elders and their new companions, and the Mission President and his wife

A wonderful Sister at her baptism!

The Elders at the baptism
Elder Reed shared that he was struggling with some illness during all this (a new companion, and trying to help the baptism to work out), but he shared his testimony that the Lord strengthened him and, as he [Elder Reed] sought His help, miracles happened! Heavenly Father will help us in ways that will let us to know that He loves us, and knows us each personally.

Until next week's update... remember that Heavenly Father and Savior love each of us!