Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nov 2, 2015 update

This week's update was very short. I will include what he wrote here:

"Hey all, this week I actually played fútbol and sweated! Because there are more sisters in my zone than there are elders we don't do sports very often! We were able to get together with another zone to play some games and I felt better the entire week!

Later I had a cool experience with the Law of Chastity! Some friends of a member were doing a research project about religion and they chose Mormonism. We then were called to help and be teachers of the Mormon religion.
We went and were explaining what we do and don't believe in and the topic of the Law of Chastity came up! When we explained what it was we heard "qué chévere!" meaning "how cool" and I was taken a bit back to hear this come from a 14 year old!!! at the end of the lesson i asked if they would be interested in learning more from missionaries where they live and they all said yes!!!
Wow it was a great thing to see interest in being clean spiritually and physically!

Love, Elder Reed"

Here's also a picture of Elder Reed's District Leader during their time they get to email family and friends.

Until next week... :)