Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nov 9th, 2015 update

Elder Reed shared a cool photo of San Borja at night:

Elder Reed's letter:

"Hey there Family, I would like to take this little moment to just say that being an adult/parent is hard. As a trainer you are expected to be the one of the two companions who knows everything. We were studying together from a program that's called "12 Weeks" (the first 2 transfers of a new missionary) and I realized just how unqualified I really am for this job. I have almost completed a full transfer of training and the realization of just how little I know and how greatly the Lord blesses those who strive to do what's right just hit me; it hit me hard this week. I can't remember who said it, but I think it was a profet (sorry.... that is the Spanish pronunciation coming out... should be prophet) or an apostle who said "the Lord doesn't call the qualified, but rather qualifies the called." That phrase has been going round and round in my head as this week passed and I can only bear simple and sincere testimony that it is true! I know it and I live it!

We also have been waiting vigorously for interviews with President Boswell and they have finally come to the Santa Patricia Stake. This week on Wednesday we will be blessed by 20 or so minutes with him and will be able to be edified spiritually and walk away with new energy to press onward. 

Sorry I haven't actually written for for a while... I was trying to get used to my new routine!

Elder Reed"