Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oct 26, 2015 update.

This week's update from Elder Reed was in the form of a long letter (no pictures), and I will try to share with you the message he wanted to convey, as it is a very long letter. :)  This is the true story of how a sister there in San Borja (we will use A. for her name) was able to be baptized. This is a true story, and a true miracle!

A.'s mother had been baptized a few months ago, and A. easily accepted a baptismal date. The first miracle was that the lessons were able to happen. There was a lot of chaos and noise at the time that couldn't really be quieted, but the Spirit was still able to be there and make a difference in her life, could touch her heart to help her know the truth! Another miracle was that the meeting times, though a challenge, were able to be worked out!

The next miracle came with the pre-interview they needed. The scheduling wasn't working out, and it seemed that it would have to be postponed more than once. It was very discouraging, but, after many phone calls and help from members of the ward, they were able to take care of the pre-interview! In Elder Reed's own words: "[I was frustrated that things weren't working out.] The instant I hung up the phone, I got on my knees and said, "Look Heavenly Father, I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen to make this baptism work. I don't know who will accompany us and I feel ready to explode from the stress of it all." At this moment, the words "Father, would you send a miracle our way? I am literally asking for a miracle here" came out of my mouth. I then called another friend, a returned missionary, but he didn't answer. I felt I should call him, but he wasn't there. We then decided to leave to begin our proselyting day... we heard nothing from him for about 5 hours. Then, right before we stepped into our first lesson, the phone rings and it is him. He says that his younger brother can help us out with the lessons [that night], [...] and we had [the] pre-interview. [Such a miracle in that] we had someone to accompany us!"  The Lord surely heard Elder Reed's prayers (as he hears our prayers).

More miracles came as the necessary interview took place the next day, and meetings that had been scheduled for that next day (Saturday) were re-scheduled so that this baptism could take place and not have to wait for 2 more weeks. :)  They were also able to get the building prepared for the baptism and they had enough time/credit on the cellphone to make all the necessary phone calls!  Miracles all around!

Again, from Elder Reed: "For her baptism day, almost the entire ward showed up along with Elder Cueva and his companion and Elder Maxwell and his family [he had just been released from his mission]! This was the best attendance of any baptism I've ever been in! [...] At the moment of her confirmation as a full member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it dawned on me just how much of a miracle had passed my way! I almost cried when I saw her go back to sit with her mother, who had been baptized [just a few months] earlier! This is but a small example of what a missionary (full-time or life-long) can see be brought to pass when we do all we can before we beg our Heavenly Father for help! He takes what we've done and fills in the missing gaps! I have no doubt that our God is bound to do what He said He'll do when we do what He asks. Always keep in mind your blessings! Never let go of the goal!  .... Elder Reed"

Until next week, remember that miracles do happen today, and they are right there for us to see, if we will open our eyes. :)