Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan. 26th, 2015... time is flying!

Here is Elder Reed's short update for this week, including a picture or two! :)

Left to right: in the back: Elderes: Jones, Alvarado,Panta, Puma, Reed, Anderson, Carter, Derr. Middle: Elderes: Chiroque, Mauldwin, Risco, Hermanas: Taconni, Guisti, Waite, Martinez, Osseler. Up Front: Elder Farfan.

Ouch to the sunburned neck!
Elder Reed let us know that it was transfer day, and he seemed to think he would see change in some way, but I'm not sure if that means he'll get a new companion or a new area - tune in next week! :) When I asked him if the weather was hot and humid down there, he said, "Hot and dry... well, upon reflection, yah humid!" :)

He said he's been out 4 months already [where has the time gone?!] and he enjoyed the music we were able to send him this past week. He even shared it with another missionary - yay for sharing the gift of music! 

Elder Reed also said, "This week has been the best week in the field with E' Puma. He and I were a great companionship this week and I can't complain, even though I'm not allowed to anyway :)!" Lol!

Elder Reed's spiritual thought for this week "comes from DyC [Doctrine and Covenants] 101:43-55. Read it [here] and then compare it to ourselves. We need to be actively doing all we can to prepare Zion for the second coming [of the Savior]!  Brought to you by, Elder Reed"