Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 12th, 2015 update

Good morning - Sorry for the delay in posting this week. Life often gets very hectic here!  Elder Reed's update for this week was in the form of a family letter, and I'd like to share some of it with you. :)

Elder Reed said, "This week was a bit long at first; because we [were] waiting for the rule change in the mission from Pres. Boswell [their Mission President there in the Peru Lima East Mission]. We had our Zone meeting on Thursday this week! With the implication of Mission Standards of Excellence, we were all repumped to continue working, keep finding, and keep talking with people. Once we set Zone goals, how many people we were to contact, how many lessons we were going to have each week, and how many new investigadores we were going to have, we dove back into the work and the rest of the week went by very quickly!
     Guess what? This week we also had a visit from Presidente Boswell and a lesson with him! It, the lesson, was amazing! I want to be a missionary like Presidente Boswell! I also realized that the visits of the Travelling Missionaries (last week) and Presidente Boswell were answers to my prayers for certain people! Too bad they can't visit with us all the time! We might have more baptisms than we have now in Los Sauces! (We haven't had any!) Apparently the Zone I'm serving in now has been nicknamed the "Zone for the Valiant" or the "Proving Grounds" because there were only 3 baptisms in the entire Zone the last transfer with 22-ish missionaries! (Not a lot... :( ) BUT, I intend to keep trying and working and I continue to be blessed!
     My spiritual thought this week comes from [Ether] 2-3 [Chapters - they can be found here] about how we can't always have the Lord give us all the answers and that sometimes we need to act before we can realize that our prayers have been answered!! 
   Love you all!
   Elder Reed"

Thanks to everyone for their continued love and support! Remember to keep trying, to keep working, and you will be blessed!