Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2nd, 2015 update

Elder Reed's update this week was short and sweet. He didn't get transferred, but he now has a new companion, Elder Moreyra, who is from Iquitos, Peru. His former companion (E. Puma) spoke pretty good English, but not so with E. Moreyra. So, Elder Reed is getting a lot of practice with Spanish! 

The week went quickly, he said, but last Saturday, his new companion had one of his wisdom teeth taken out in La Molina, which is about an hour ride in a bus or taxi. Thankfully there were funds to pay for the ride and the medicine and the operation. Heavenly Father truly blesses his servants! The doctor ordered that they don't do much for a few days, so they went to Church yesterday (Sunday), but that is it so his companion can recuperate. Elder Reed has had lots of study time and is learning a lot! They should be able to get out again this week.

Elder Reed and I were "conversing" (through email) about how it is February already - time is flying by!

Until next week, remember to count your blessings - you will lose count!! :)