Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 2, 2014 update

[This is Michael's first update to the family, and I will post it here. If there is anything in brackets, that's what we are inserting, not Michael's words... :) - To clarify, CCM is the Centro de Capacitacion Missional, which is the Missionary Training Center in Lima Peru.]

Dear Family,
In the week that ive been here i have been made a senoir companion (only for 3 weeks), made a Distric Leader (also for 3 weeks), given a priesthood blessing to one of the Hermanas in my District, cried a couple of times (because i felt the spirit and not because i miss home... although once i saw the pic of me, neil, and Megan I missed them!), eaten chicken (or some other kind of meat, but mostly chicken) for 2 out of every 3 meals ( the other 1 meal ALWAYS invovles an egg), found out that the District I preside over is possibly THE most talented group of singers in any MTC, CCM, or BYU campus... next to VocalPoint, and spent about 50 soles on my first pday. Although i wont be spending anywhere near that amount of dinero again. I just wondered just how many US dollars i spent. ( I got 2 sticks of mentos (2.20 soles), 1 sol for bus fare and spanish scriptures with cool LIMA, PERU covers (the rest of the soles).

Lo siento que yo no sé las palabras en Español por a escribir una buena carta, pero... im trying. im also enjoying the hour of recess they give us here at the CCM in return for sitting and eating, stugying, and listening for 13 hours!... Mis compañeros nombre es Elder Sands and im really glad that he is! There are 8 people in my district ( which makes it the smallest on campus (which is also really small)) and we have gotten along the best out of any group of missionaries you could ask for. Nobody feels left out.

Im still not yet sure about how to use pouch mail, but i still want to send letters!

Today i went to the temple and, it being in spanish, was still really cool.  :)

Thanks and I love you guys! I thank everyone else involved for mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally making my life in the mission field... CCM... possible.

Elder Reed

PS - actually i checked and there are only 2 elders going to the Perú Lima East Mission: elder Sands and myself... out of 130 missionaries!!!

PS [ again!] - those in my District:
Elderes: Me (Ohio), Elder Sands (Florida), Elder Wilson (California), and Elder Turner (California).
Hermanas: Hma. Stewart (Utah), Hma. Fairchild (Colorado), Hma. Walker (Utah), and Hma. Furness (Utah).