Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 16, 2014 update

[Michael's Mission email update from this week - I have to say, it is a huge blessing having him on a mission and serving the Lord! :) ]

Thank you all for your support in my decision to come out here on a mission. i heard something this week that really struck me: every time we get a calling in this church, whether in the past, now, or in the future, all of them, were foreordained to happen. the callings were chosen in the Great Council in Heaven. And we accepted them there. food for thought!
im doing well. at the CCM here ive learned quite a few things: 1) every elder is different, but EVERY single one of them LOVES physical activity time here! 2)during my 3 weeeks here i have found out that im great at volleyball and even better as a goalie! 3) because of my physical activities i have acquired the nickname "Elder Ninja!" much an inprovement over "that guy" or "Mikey." 4)an elder in my dorm room (elder Van Uitert (van yewtert)) told me what constitutes a good listener and then complimented me on my listening skills!
i can honestly say that i havent had many problems adjusting to life away from the familiar... yet :) (not that i dont really miss you guys!). The only thing I really miss is being with my siblings all the time and all the opportunities i missed (although there again, my district pretty much, but not completely, covers the gap!
my spanish is progressing and ive been able to see that progression when i was listening to a pair of new elders give a lesson about the restoration. wow what a difference! I still want to be a lot better at comprehending and speaking though!!!
How is your spanish progression??? :) haha
With love,
Elder Reed
PS - on the last pday I was able to speak with someone who spoke english after the temple session I was in and it turned out that he was the president of the Lima Central mission and that his name was Presidente Borg! How awesome of a name is that?
[As a side note, my niece and her family know Presidente Borg - what a small world it is!]