Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 9, 2014 update

I have now been here for 2 weeks and 2 days! Wow... every day feels like a month and every week feels like a day. i cant really put it into words! if this is to be what i´m to expect for the rest of my mission, i feel like ill be here for about 3 months!

[to his siblings, but applies to all of us!]: I would like to let you know that once you make up your mind you cant and shouldnt let anything or anybody get in your way of making that decision happen! once you have prayerfully considered your options, trust the feeling(s) you recieve and do all you can to follow through on them. in this short life that God has given us we cannot afford to be all wishy-washy in our decision making. we must act in the way that we feel is right for us!

I would also like to say that you shouldnt be daunted at what others say behind your back. if something is bothering you write it down and breathe with your stomach and not your chest. that way you are more relaxed.

As a final thing: feeling the spirit of the Lord comes in many forms. sometimes you get a quiet witness that you know what you need to do or a confirmation of a prayer recieved. othertimes you get a sign from nuestro Padre Celestial that you need to arrepentirse or something so massively in-your-face that you cant possibly miss it! Then there is the love the Lord that you feel for those you are with: nobody´s perfect and everybody has a distinct personality, but He still loves each and every one of you with a perfect love and He makes it VERY evident through those He calls as leaders. They really are there for those they serve! They laugh with you, wait for you, help you, and even cry for you (see 2 nephi 33:1-3 for my experience). Your leaders really want you to be the best you can be!

Thank you for all your support,
Elder Reed"

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"appearently snail mail takes like 3 weeks to get here!... ugh!" [This is regular mail – so it seems that it takes awhile…]

"about [General ] conference... yeah i thought that was neat too. i was actually hoping to hear the native languages... not an english dub-over! Oh... and I bought a Peruvian fĂștbol jersey that i wont really wear until I get home because otherwise ill get it too dirty!" [We had been talking about the recent General Conference... ]

[We were talking about the Mentos candy he bought last week… and I asked him if he had things he wanted that they didn't have down there…] "the mentos were all i could find! im not sure they sell any other kinds of cheap candy... there M&Ms here are like 3.3 soles... and it seems a bit expensive, so i just go without! unlike every other missionary out here who blows away money on candy, inka kola, and casinos... a kind of good cookie. I can really say that. Down here!"