Sunday, March 6, 2016

Feb. 22nd, 2016 update

We will start with the pictures from this week - there are plenty! :)

The Zoo's logo - they were able to visit on their preparation day
"does this make you tired or what... and he doesn't preach the Gospel 😁"
"deer are here too..........." :)
"i thought that this thing was only in Ice Age 1!!!!!!! 😱"
"real live anteaters!"
"white tiger that posed for the camera"
"Weird catfish that ate from the human hand... people were feeding it..."
Elder Reed shared his audio file and said he was going to do as his sister (Megan) said, and "mix it up!" :)

The missionaries got to go to the zoo - his first time to visit a zoo there in Peru. He chuckled a lot that there were deer in the zoo, as he's so familiar with them at home. He got to see some animals he'd never seen before, which was cool. The week was very very hot there in his area though. (Welcome to summertime in Peru.) 

Elder Reed said he learned how the Spirit feels in a family that has the Spirit in their home and he was so grateful for that time with them. Elder Reed also said that they were able to teach the Word of Wisdom to two individuals, and it was a great lesson for everyone.

Elder Reed said he also got rid of another rat (and this was a doozy - see picture below). He was able to take care of it and then the cleaning was done very quickly. [Ewww.... ha ha]
"Rat number 6 and The infamous Elder Reed"
Elder Reed had a good week and wanted to let everyone know he loves you and hopes you are staying warm (as he is sweating down there - ha ha). 

Elder Reed said that, as they had lessons scheduled this week, they almost all fell through. Elder Reed shared that God does everything for a purpose. He said that they ended up finding a lot of people who were ready to hear the Gospel, but they wouldn't have found them if they hadn't been in the right place at the right time. They opened their mouths and spoke up - and there were those ready to listen. Life is short and you don't know what's going to happen. There's also an inherent fear of speaking with others, but what you have to share is of more worth than platinum, gold and silver put together! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for each and every one of us, and as such, we should be willing and ready to go and share it with our brothers and sisters who do not have it in their life. It is not easy to share at first, but it does get easier. We have a light which we can share with others - and we need to be willing to share that light. We want to help our fellow brothers and sisters. 

Also, each of us should work with goals. Goals take planning, and help us to move forward and accomplish many things in our lives.

Until next week, remember to let your loved ones know you love them...