Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27, 2015 update

This week, Elder Reed shared some awesome photos - here you go! I loved his explanations for each photo, so I just copied them here. :)

"The last day that (in order) E. Arroyo, me, E. Vásconez, and E. Maxwell were together in Estaca Vitarte"
"Elder Horo, M., and I under the sign for the chapel"
"Us 3 and her family (HOW COOL WAS THAT TO HAVE THE FAMILY THERE???!!!)"
Elder Reed also shared part of his weekly letter to his Mission President, President Boswell. I thought I would just paste it here, as it is so powerful!

"Oh, Presidente Boswell,
I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that Elder Horo is my companion. He and I combined are relatively new in the Barrio Tilda ( with 2 months cumulative work) but I am UBER excited to tell you that we started the cambio off with a baptism and a confirmation. Both of us think that it is a really good way to start the transfer and I couldn't agree more!

We have been thinking of ways that we could work better with members and we finally came up with talking with the Bishop! Imagine that...l how simple could it be? The good thing is that he is a returned missionary himself. The better thing is that we as the missionaries of his ward have an incredible relationship! We do whatever he asks and he loves to listen to our opinions and ideas to better la Obra Misional en su barrio y en su consejo de barrio. :)

The fact that we even had a baptism this week is a miracle in itself. 1) we don't have a working phone, 2) we forgot to get the keys from a member of the ward for the baptismal interview, 3) we forgot to check to see if we had clothes for her to be baptized, and 4) we had never met her family before and they came to support her at her baptism!

During all this time I was saying in my head that "I will have faith in You [Heavenly Father]! I will just keep going and know that You have this all figured out even if I don´t! Please give me the tranquilidad to continue moving onward!" 

Everything fell into place like clockwork! I have never seen so many answers to one prayer all in a row like that in my mission or in my life! I know that prayers are answered! There isn't a doubt in my mind!

With love,
Elder Reed"

Elder Reed also said that he loves his new companion, E. Horo, and they both served before in close to the same area. Their areas shared the Los Sauces building. So, they came from a rich area to a not-so-rich area and the "LOVE IT! More than Inka Kola!" :) 

That is the update for this week. Remember to count your blessings, for there are always many of them, Heavenly Father is always there helping us!