Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 4, 2015 update

Elder Reed & Elder Horo - after playing soccer :)
Elder Reed shared a picture of him and his companion after playing soccer on their preparation day. He said, "My team won! ... cough cough... uh, ok, my companion says it was a tough game and it was! Please enjoy your week and have a happy new year!... well when it comes!" [We all have a little ways until the new year, but we can practice counting our blessings each day!]

Here is some of Elder Reed's family letter from this week: "My companion and I have been working for the past 2 weeks without a phone and we are doing relatively well! We haven't yet reached perfection, but we are certainly trying! [Elder Reed then shared where all his companions have been from.] Elder Sands, from Florida USA; Elder Puma, from Arequipa, Peru; Elder Moreyra, from Iquitos, Peru; Elder Vasconez, from Ecuador; and Elder Horo, from Chimbote, Peru.

This week, I had several lessons in fellowshipping. Imagine [that] you have just been converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by 2 young men or women and you feel a great desire to attend church and the meetings and activities, but there is something in the air that doesn't feel right. This something is a lack of fellowship on the member's part. They don't smile at you, wave, or include you in activities or classes and you don't know why. Sound familiar? Whether it is a recent convert or there has been a ward boundary change, it is the same. If we don't put forth our effort [as members of the Church] to show that we are truly members of The Church of Jesus Christ, they won't stay in our chapels for long. Make a noteworthy effort to include people foreign to the ward in all that we do and every aspect possible to build friendships and keep them interested!

That was my spiritual thought for the day, week, and for Sundays in particular. I sincerely hope that nobody was hurt by what I had to say! It is a real problem here and everywhere and I felt the need to pass it along. I also hope you all will do the same in your respective wards! It is a great way to help the work of salvation! Thanks!"

Elder Reed received letters and a package sent by his Mom :) and was really excited about that. [Related to his package, he said, "What joy my companionship has to see that white envelope of goodness..." - I laughed out loud!]

This week we will be able to talk to Elder Reed, and we are all every excited! Until the next update, take care and remember that you are loved by our Savior!