Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30, 2015 update

This week, Elder Reed sent a lot of pictures, so we'll start with those. :)

Elder Reed and hermano [brother] after a service project - destroying and carrying away the garbage of an old brick building.

This is a picture of P. and his family, a member of Elder Reed's ward who was baptized after he turned 8 years old.

Elder Reed, his companion, P., the Ward Mission leader, a member of the ward and his daughter, and P´s Mom and, up front is P's hermano.

Elder Reed and Hermano Manuel - who Elder Reed says looks like his own brother. :)

Elder Reed's letter spoke of the service project they did with destroying and carrying away the garbage from an old brick building. He said that he is feeling a little ill from the dust, but that he had a blast helping with the project. :) He said that it reminded him of all the times he helped with various projects in the Piqua Ward [here in Ohio]. :)

Elder Reed said he's been teaching English classes for about a month now. He said that more people are slowly coming to the classes and that everyone wants to learn English there. He was told that, in order to be successful there in Peru, one has to know how to speak English. So, he's able to help with that!

Elder Reed included some Spanish - 

[My rough translation is the following, with some online translation help: And how are you? I feel sleepy every day, but I have, for some reason, the ability of getting up at 6:30 every morning. My clock is set for 6:25. At this time, I get up and pray. And from that moment, every day is different." ... I hope I am close!]

Elder Reed is looking forward to Mother's Day, when we will get to hear from him again [his Momma is especially excited!]. Time is moving by so quickly!

Elder Reed's spiritual thought this week comes from his experience with members who go with the missionaries to help teach and search for those brothers and sisters who would hear the message of the Lord - "There are some things that missionaries can't do or say that you as members can! Please support your local missionaries by going out with them to a meeting once in awhile!"

[And as my own addition to the spiritual thought this week, may you each have a blessed Easter, remembering that the Savior of the world LIVES! Until next time, remember the blessings all around you!]