Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 6, 2015 update

This week, Elder Reed decided to send his letter home via SERPost (ie, snail mail), so there isn't much to tell at this point [I hope that we see the letter soon!]. There were also no pictures. He had to deal with a power outage during the time he usually emails. I'm not sure if that happens frequently there or not.

In any event, Elder Reed wanted to share a spiritual thought. "My thought would have to be to watch the first priesthood session talk given by M. Russell Ballard [during the LDS Church's annual General Conference - it is linked at the left]. Apply those questions to yourself and not as a missionary, if you aren't one, and then reflect on how you can improve!" 

Until next week - remember to count the many blessings in your life - they are there!